Autonomous restaurants that make great, affordable meals.

Business Operations

San Mateo, CA
Job Type
3+ years
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Alex Gruebele
Alex Gruebele

About the role

We're hiring a BizOps generalist to help grow our ghost kitchen business and pave the way for us to forward-deploy the next version of our autonomous restaurant next year.

A strong candidate would have an MBA or equivalent experience and experience in chain restaurants or related businesses (food and/or retail space.) A dream candidate would have had a leadership role that involved growing/expanding a restaurant chain.

This role will be a "jack of all trades" role – as we are both a robotics startup and a restaurant, the list of most important things for us to achieve (aside from the engineering roadmap) is constantly changing, and we're looking for someone who's excited to handle a constantly changing set of goals.

Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Marketing: We're looking to at least triple our monthly revenue by the end of 2021. You'll be the primary owner of marketing, handle some of it yourself, and coordinate with out-of-house marketers and designers as well. You'll measure results, prioritize what's working and tune or cut what isn't.
  • Analytics: You'll track customer retention and feedback, coordinate with our chef to track food costs, and more.
  • Software management: You'll help us pick the right tools for use cases like point-of-sale, touch-screen kiosks, etc. and tune them to work well for our needs.
  • Finance: Among other things, you'll apply for government subsidies, including the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.
  • Other ops: You'll pick a location for our forward-deployed container that takes into account things like foot traffic and local regulatory environment – which you'll talk with local regulators to evaluate.
  • Much more – you'll have the ability to plug in almost anywhere in the company you care to.

Why you should join Mezli

We’re a team of three Stanford engineers working with a Michelin-star chef to build autonomous restaurants that make healthy, convenient food more affordable. Even at our low price point (see, our approach will let us achieve an order-of-magnitude higher ROI per location than traditional restaurants.

We have a working full-size prototype in our San Mateo office and a growing customer base buying meals from our ghost kitchen. Now, we're starting work on our next prototype, which will be forward-deployable to locations where it will serve customers autonomously.