Developer API for document parsing

DevOps Engineer - US - Remote

$100 - $120
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3+ years
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Olivier Rey
Olivier Rey

About the role

Mindee’s platform is a DevTool that allows developers to parse any kind of documents via trainable or off-the-shelf APIs. Our application ecosystem leverages the latest web development paradigms, working among other stacks with modern Python (3.8+), Flask/FastAPI ecosystems, PostgreSQL, Redis, React.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Spinnaker while being agnostic of cloud providers.

Founded in 2018, Mindee is the leading developer tool that powers document understanding for top players like Qonto, Spendesk, or Payfit. We are expanding in Europe and North America. We raised a $14M Series A led by GGV Capital in 2021, just after graduating from Y Combinator (YC).

The platform consists of:

  • An intuitive and visually rich web platform where you can use or create document parsing endpoints
  • A developer REST API handling ~20 000 documents per hour for our worldwide customers Do not hesitate to create your own account at https://platform.mindee.com and check https://developers.mindee.com for more information.

You are:

  • Minimum 4 years experience in a real production environment for web and/or ML applications Kubernetes & Docker
  • Experienced in CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins, Github Action, GitLab, Spinnaker, Argo or similar
  • Working proficiency with industry concepts & tools as AWS, Azure or GCP expert
  • A user of basic microservice patterns and cloud applications design
  • Experienced maintaining stateful services like Redis or postgreSQL databases and an asynchronous bus like RabbitMQ or similar
  • An expert with Spinnaker and Terraform
  • Proficient in Python
  • Fluent in English

You will:

  • Ensure the reliability, continuity and scalability of our microservices and Deep Learning computation applications
  • Improve our high-observability stack: monitoring, alerting, logging. We use Grafana to monitor hardware/cloud metrics, as well as Sentry & NewRelic for software alerting & diagnostics
  • Maintain our automated CI/CD pipelines and supervise deployments when needed. We work with Github, Jenkins, Github Action, Docker and Spinnaker to deliver our applications to production seamlessly
  • Enable the Software Engineering team to code and deliver as close as possible from the production environment. We aimed at having all developers working with local Kubernetes clusters and Lens
  • Ensure that systems are safe and secure. We are implementing SOC-2 and are constantly improving our security practices

We are looking for a DevOps engineer with:

  • Solving problems skills,
  • A sense of autonomy while being eager to work collaboratively
  • High sense of responsibility and self organization
  • Motivation to improve the whole team craftsmanship by experimenting and sharing
  • Driven by results and efficiency

Current team

  • CTO
  • Engineering Lead
  • 3 Backend Engineers
  • 1 Frontend Engineer
  • 2 DevOps Engineers
  • 2 ML Engineers

About the interview

  • A first interview with the Lead Devops and the Engineering Lead

  • A technical assessment including two technical discussions around some real problems and challenges from our DevOps operations. To help us understand how you work, we have put together a test consisting in deploying the application in production inside a Kubernetes cluster. It involves developing a simple production-ready cloud architecture based on Kubernetes, as described below. Out of respect for your time, this test is less than two hours.

  • Meeting with the CTO and CEO

Why you should join Mindee

We help software product teams build lightning-fast, accurate, and robust document processing automation features in their applications.

Our API gives developers access to state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms for document parsing through an easy-to-use and developer-centric platform. We serve software editors from a wide range of sectors including HRIS, Accounting, Procurement, Logistics, Loan Origination, Fleet Management, Property Management, and much more.

Team Size:12
Location:Paris, France
Mohamed Biaz
Mohamed Biaz
Jonathan Grandperrin
Jonathan Grandperrin
Olivier Rey
Olivier Rey