Helping corporates achieve Net Zero through tech solutions.

Senior Frontend Engineer

$85k - $110k
London, UK
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6+ years
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Freddie Evans
Freddie Evans

About the role

About Minimum

Minimum is a Y Combinator backed start-up, founded to tackle the biggest challenge currently facing humanity: how to get to the world to net zero carbon emissions before it's too late.

The Product

Minimum’s hybrid solution of cutting-edge sustainability software supplemented by best-in-class human know-how helps businesses achieve their sustainability goals fast.

We leverage the powerful scaling effects of our sophisticated technology to empower our world class in-house experts to focus on impactful, high-value analysis and advice, getting companies up and running with an all-important baseline carbon footprint and reduction strategy in a matter of weeks, not months.

Our software tool is a holistic carbon management platform. It streamlines the data collection process, automates the calculations and displays the output reports. The flexibility of our data collection software allows us to customise the data collection process to each specific customer's needs.

Our carbon calculations combine each customer's input data with the most appropriate emission factors, pulling from multiple datasets including leading government data sets, scientific reports and our own proprietary data. Where necessary we also fill gaps in the data with benchmarks and estimates that we are able to make from across all the companies we have previously footprinted.

Our dashboards and reports are generated using the outputs of the calculations and are overseen by our sustainability experts.

The Opportunity

This opportunity is for Senior Frontend Enginner.

This role reports to the Engineering Manager who leads the Engineering team, but it's likely that you'll interact frequently with the Co-founder who is responsible for the whole Engineering & Product group.

The Team

We’re currently a relatively small team of engineers all working very closely together on a day-to-day basis. As a high-growth startup Minimum is growing quickly and so we expect the Engineering team to expand significantly over the coming months and years.

As we keep scaling ,we continue to make it our top priority to nurture and develop our Engineering culture. You can read a bit more about Principles of Software Engineering at Minimum.

The Skillset - Must have

  • 8+ years experience of experience as a professional Frontend Engineer.
  • Strong knowledge of React, TypeScript, state management solutions and SPA architecture.
  • Experience with code reviews and enforcing best practices.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • A love for creating products which combine smart architecture, robust implementation and delightful results for customers.
  • Ability and experience to own design, implementation and rollout of complex product features.
  • Strong preference for a role in which every day you'll be thinking on your feet, dealing with complex problems end-to-end, driving forward initiatives, actively shaping and challenging in product decisions at every level. Minimum is a fast-moving early-stage startup so it's essential that the pace and uncertainty is something you find engaging, energising, and motivating.

The Skillset - Nice to have

  • Experience working with remote teams.
  • Previous experience at an early-stage tech startup (especially if it was an B2B SaaS).
  • Bachelor's / Master's Degree in Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, or any other scientific / mathematical field.

Within one month at Minimum, you'll:

  • Understand the Minimum product (past, present, and future) and our vision inside-out.
  • Learn all the relevant tools to make you an effective Minimum team member.
  • Start contributing to feature development.

Within three months at Minimum, you'll:

  • Have a deep understanding of the Minimum system architecture.
  • Play a key part in the delivery of large, important product features.

Within six months at Minimum, you'll:

  • Be a fully-integrated, core member of the Engineering team.
  • Mentor more junior members of the team.

About the interview

Introductory chat with Engineering Manager

This stage is a more informal call to get to know more about the role, and for you to evaluate whether it’s a good fit for you. This session should last 30 minutes.

Technical interview

The session is going to be a deeper dive into technical abilities, product thinking and overall fit for the role. For the “fit” portion, we are again looking for ownership and autonomy, but we also dig deeper into communication. This is evaluated throughout the process -- in how you communicate your approach, solutions and overall thinking. This will usually be a 1 hour slot.

Meet with co-founders

A shorter session of 30 minutes to meet one or all of our co-founder who can talk a bit about the company's mission from their perspective.

Why you should join Minimum

Minimum lets you calculate, report on, and reduce the carbon emissions of your business, whether you're a corporate or an investment fund.

Team Size:11
Location:London, United Kingdom
Freddie Evans
Freddie Evans
Freddie Green
Freddie Green
Chris Winchurch
Chris Winchurch