Monterey AI

Turn customer voice to product insights

Monterey AI builds intelligent customer voice infrastructure for product operations teams in hyper-growth companies. Monterey helps companies understand what actions to take to improve engagement and reduce churn by setting up user feedback channels, auto-collecting, and analyzing qualitative feedback and quantitative data from multiple sources.

Jobs at Monterey AI

Remote (US; CA)
$70K - $120K
3+ years
Monterey AI
Team Size:5
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Chun Jiang

Chun is the co-founder and CEO of Monterey AI. Previously led products and design at companies like Unfolded (acquired by Foursquare), Scale AI, and Uber. Chun graduated from Cornell in 2018, and has been obsessed with building the most ambitious and delightful Data and AI products in productivity, developer tooling, and autonomous vehicles.

Chun Jiang
Chun Jiang
Monterey AI

Ben Kramer

Ben is the co-founder and CTO of Monterey AI. Ben was previously a founding engineer at SINAI building decarbonization SaaS, and an engineer at Uber where he built data-intensive applications for self-driving vehicles and for making Uber’s data useful for the public sector.

Ben Kramer
Ben Kramer
Monterey AI

Company Launches

👋 Chun and Ben here introducing Monterey AI to you!


🐳 Monterey is building the co-pilot for product development. We do this by replacing documents with smart use-case-centric workflows that help you strategize, measure, and align.

Who is it for

Product leads (whether a founder, engineer, product manager, designer, etc.) who are looking to escape from burdensome documents and get back to what they are good at. No more spending hours and days on

  1. looking for best practice of product development online
  2. convincing your team to adopt the process
  3. repeatedly communicating and reporting strategies and progress
  4. worrying about cross-team dependencies
  5. managing several products in numerous documents and task management tools

How it works

  1. Pick a product template based on your use case
  2. Configure input and share with your team
  3. Check dependencies and solve conflicts
  4. Run, report, retro, and repeat

Why we built it

💪 We started Monterey AI to solve a problem that we’ve experienced at startups ranging from 10 to 10,000 people: the product velocity gets slow and inefficient as company scales. We built Monterey to

  1. Get teams out of verbose documents and into guided workflows that can be visually configured and shared
  2. Speed up product development by exposing and sharing best practices
  3. Discover cross-team conflicts and dependency by running Monterey Bot
  4. Initiate outcome driven conversations with slack integration
  5. Provide a birds eye portfolio view to align across features, products, and teams

Can I try it

  1. Want to try it? Sign up on the website or email (chun@monterey.ai) and we’ll help you get started!
  2. Have feedback or have friends in need of Monterey? Come be our super design, join our Slack, and follow us on Twitter!
  3. 🎁 50% off any paid plan if subscribed annually before Sep.1st, 2022.