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Turn user feedback to product insights

Monterey AI helps companies understand what actions to take to improve engagement and reduce churn by setting up user feedback channels, auto-collecting, and analyzing qualitative feedback and quantitative data from multiple sources.

Jobs at Monterey AI

Remote (US; CA)
$70K - $130K
0.20% - 0.50%
3+ years
US / Remote (US)
$90K - $130K
1+ years
Monterey AI
Team Size:6
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Harj Taggar

Active Founders

Chun Jiang

Chun is the co-founder and CEO of Monterey AI. Previously led products and design at companies like Unfolded (acquired by Foursquare), Scale AI, and Uber. Chun graduated from Cornell in 2018, and has been obsessed with building the most ambitious and delightful Data and AI products in productivity, developer tooling, and autonomous vehicles.

Chun Jiang
Chun Jiang
Monterey AI

Ben Kramer

Ben is the co-founder and CTO of Monterey AI. Ben was previously a founding engineer at SINAI building decarbonization SaaS, and an engineer at Uber where he built data-intensive applications for self-driving vehicles and for making Uber’s data useful for the public sector.

Ben Kramer
Ben Kramer
Monterey AI

Company Launches


Aggregate, triage, and analyze user feedback, tickets, conversations, surveys, and transcripts - smarter, together, and at scale. Monterey AI is the most powerful AI native insights platform for decoding the voices of customers and the next growth opportunities.

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🤕 Problem

Almost all customer conversations in all customer channels have enormously valuable user insights that have never been mined to their full potential. Most companies are not utilizing them enough; this damages the speed of decision-making and slows down execution. Breaking down the problem into three key issues:

  • Support tickets, transcripts, and surveys are extremely messy (format, scale, and cadence);
  • Too much noise to filter - everyone wants to listen to users more, but listening at scale is hard;
  • It’s high-stakes decision-making and has a low-risk tolerance towards hallucination.

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🎉 Solution

With Monterey AI, you can connect with data sources like Zendesk, Front, Intercom, Gong, Salesforce, HubSpot, App Store, Google Play Store, and Snowflake, in one click or via API. Monterey AI automatically extracts, categorizes, and triages the conversations based on company or business concepts.

  • Proactive insights delivery: Instant, accurate answers. It’s an AI Analyst proactively delivering insights to the team, and it’s an instant always-on copilot to help you fetch relevant data and navigate noises.
  • All-in-one experience management: feedback analytics is just part of the platform, you can also mix and match other ai first solutions that we provide as part of the package: widget, a roadmap with AI suggestions, personalized customer communications, and AI semi-moderated user survey.

👀 Comparing Monterey AI to other Solutions

  • Onboarding & adoption: Analytics product notoriously has the challenge of onboarding; you are onboarding the data, the user, and the organization. Monterey AI has all native integration with data sources like Zendesk, Front, Intercom, Salesforce, HubSpot, and a robust API platform to directly pull data from your data warehouse. It assures the easiness of data onboarding, and on the other side, the speedy and sleek user experience of the platform makes sure this is something users can get value, right away.
  • Clear ROI and Performance: In the most recent case study, we save one department in the organization 3,840 manual hours annually in total.
  • Security and privacy: The way to evaluate AI solutions for highly sensitive data is different.
  • Auto improving from user interactions and data: We invest significant time and resources in making sure the platform is scalable and adaptable to your business and needs. Every new data point and interaction you perform in the workspace is directly fed into the model sets for you with auto improvement. You don’t need to depend on giant model improvement, bear any risk from “human annotation” services from vendors, and spend extra internal engineering resources making it work.

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