Mooji Meats

We make plant-based steaks

Extrusion Scientist (Junior/Senior)

$60K - $120K
Baltimore, MD / CA, US / Remote (US)
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Insa Mohr
Insa Mohr

About the role

It looks, feels, and tastes just like real steak: But it isn’t! Introducing Mooji Meats. We’re a future-focused team of scientists and engineers looking to enable the 2.0 meat revolution. Our revolutionary new 3D printing technology harnesses the latest in biology, engineering and food science to produce a cutting-edge plant-based whole cut.

We spun out of Harvard University, and soon became a part of YCombinator '22 and have some of the best investors and industry partners on board. We have an exceptional team in place and are currently looking for more outstanding scientists, engineers, and food lovers to join our team.

The Job

  • Provide hands-on operation of extruders from bench to pilot-plant level to produce prototypes in support of new 3D Printed technologies and new ingredient solutions
  • Lead and manage extrusion-based projects as the overall product development process grows and changes
  • Implement scale-up expertise to bring a plant-based food product to life
  • Gain an accurate and technical understanding of food ingredients used in the formulation and manufacture of extruded food systems
  • Troubleshoot potential machine and engineering roadblocks in a technical and cost-effective manner
  • Apply cross-functional problem-solving skills in regards to food formulation, new technology application (i.e. 3D printing), bench-to-pilot scale-up, and other types of food manufacturing machinery
  • Document all learnings and communicate them productively with the rest of the team
  • Participate in growing a healthy, vibrant team focused on building the future of plant-based protein

Your qualifications

  • 2-10 years of experience in the food industry and/or extrusion (work experience is a must!)
  • Preferably work experience at a large company like Impossible or Beyond
  • Strong background in the field
  • Bonus: · Passion and experience with leading teams · Passion and experience with product development · Passion and experience with start-ups

Who you are

  • A maker: You are a builder and tinker at heart. Building, scaling, and rapidly iterating food products is one of your favorite activities.
  • A doer: You enjoy a flexible, fast-paced, and highly interdisciplinary environment.
  • A grower: You want to grow with the company, support new hires, and, over time, manage a team of passionate individuals like yourself.
  • An enthusiast: You are highly motivated in what you do and excited about joining a stellar early-stage startup, where you will work on impactful projects.
  • A whiz: You bring significant experience and expertise in one or more areas related to our work.
  • A good person: You have a passion to change the world for the better. You are not just looking to cash a paycheck – what you do for work matters to you deeply.

What we offer

  • 🌱 Mission: Join our highly motivated team and the mission to transform the meat space.
  • 💥 Impact: Move faster and be closer to the customer than in a big company!
  • 🧠 Learning: Learn from experienced and well-connected founders and their huge network, including YC and other investors, scientific advisors, and other founders.
  • ⚡ Responsibility: Ownership of exciting and challenging projects that encompass the whole product, not just a small screw in a big gearbox.
  • 💃 Fun: Play with the newest and most exciting technologies. Your job may not feel like a job. Your friends may be jealous!
  • ❤️ Values: A rapidly growing start-up that values diversity, equity, and inclusion, alongside transparency and honesty.
  • 🎁 Make it big: Of course, you’ll be compensated appropriately to do all these cool things. 100% health care coverage is a no brainer for us. Also, own a piece of the pie and grow with us, on top of a (boring) competitive salary.

Location options

  • California
  • Maryland
  • Hybrid with travel to Maryland

About Mooji Meats

Enabling The Cultured Meat Food Revolution (Stealth Mode)

Mooji Meats
Team Size:7
Location:San Francisco
Insa Mohr
Insa Mohr
Jochen Mueller
Jochen Mueller