Angel investing in athletes

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

$50k - $100k / 0.50% - 1.00%
London, UK / Remote ()
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3+ years
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Dimitris Nikolaou
Dimitris Nikolaou

About the role

At the core of the Moonshot product is a platform that enables the people that back athletes to feel engaged while automating a lot of the operations that go into receiving backers’ funds. We’re looking for an engineer to lead the execution of the technical components of Moonshot. Responsibilities include

  • Lead the general execution of the platform
  • Design and develop a data-driven system to detect promising athletes in a variety of sports pro-actively
  • Develop both back-end and front-end components of the platform
  • Interface with other products, including SaaS, live score/stream providers, open banking, etc.
  • Collaborate with customers to develop a product the mere mention of which excites customers

About the interview

  1. Intro call with one of the founders, to do a quick evaluation if there is a mutual fit, we also talk about logistics there (remote, location, visas, etc) (30 min)
  2. A small take-home project for you to demonstrate your abilities. We want to assess your abilities to build from ground zero. You will have to demonstrate abilities in backend, frontend, but also some level of UX knowledge.
  3. Intro call with the team: This is a team game, everyone must feel comfortable working with you (and vice versa) (30 min)
  4. Offer extended
  5. Welcome to the team!

Why you should join Moonshot

Moonshot makes it seamless to angel invest in young tennis athletes.

We’ve built a platform that enables young, talented athletes to raise funds from a community of backers so that they can fund the early steps of their career, in exchange for a fraction of their future success. We’ve started with Tennis athletes, and will soon be expanding to Golf, Motorsports and basketball, football thereafter.

The company is based out of London, but we definitely accommodate remote work if the person is right.

Team Size:2
Location:London, United Kingdom
Dimitris Nikolaou
Dimitris Nikolaou
Youssef Rizk
Youssef Rizk