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We underwrite and insure house rentals in Latam

Font-End Software Engineer

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1+ years
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About the role

We are at the start of a journey to disrupt the largest and most inefficient market in Latam. Real estate. Its a tough task; decisions around shelter tend to be emotional and draining for humans. In Latam these transactions are mostly intermediated by brokers, it is an extremely high-touch role. However brokers have no tools or technology to support them and transactions end up becoming extremely inefficient for everyone involved. In essence, the challenge in this market is to build technology while keeping a human touch.

Like all YC companies... we are growing, we raised a seed round in April and are testing, iterating and building. We need to people like you who want to build technology and an engineering culture from the ground up.

We are a well-balanced group of individuals with dreams of building good product and a good company to work for. We feel responsible for helping Latam countries evolve and thrive, and are looking for people who want to take on this mission with us.

Who are we looking for?

  • Someone who passionate about creating simple and mobile friendly experiences for complex transactions
  • Wants to build tech from scratch and make decisions around the technology
  • Loves to research, learn and suggest new technologies and trends around JavaScript
  • Has specific JavaScript skills in one of these frameworks: Vue or React
  • Has skills in CSS with LESS
  • Has vast experience in responsive web design
  • Has experience using tools like Adobe XD and Figma
  • Has worked through product development lifecycles and worked on creating unique user experiences.
  • Thinks about technical solutions in the context of the customer problem that is being solved, can communicate tradeoffs and make difficult tech decisions to build MVPs
  • Understands design concepts applies them to their work and end-product
  • Preferably with experience in high growth startups.
  • 1+ years of software engineering experience

Why you should join Morada Uno

We solve problems around a human fundamental need and the most inefficient industry in Latam: real estate.

Our product today solves a huge paint point around renting a property. Renters in Latam require a co-signer with property as collateral, and most people don't have one. We eliminate this massive barrier for tenants and provide a guarantee for landlords. Allowing for social mobility, simpler and quicker transactions, a higher return for landlords on their assets and for brokers on their time.

Morada Uno underwrites and insures residential rents in Latam. Our strategy is to leverage brokers to enter deals by providing fintech services at the right time.

We are three founders, Diego, Ines and Santiago, and our unique local knowledge, experience in Real Estate, Fintech and growth ventures, and strong network of mentors and partners, give us a big edge in this market. Our early traction is a good sign that we are onto something big.

Morada Uno
Team Size:50
Location:Mexico City, Mexico
Ines Gamboa Sorensen
Ines Gamboa Sorensen
Diego Llano
Diego Llano
Santiago Morales
Santiago Morales