Morf Health

Data integration platform for digital healthcare

Founding Frontend Engineer

$120 - $160 / 0.30% - 1.20%
New York, NY, US / San Francisco, CA, US / Remote (US)
Job Type
3+ years
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Montana Scher
Montana Scher

About the role

At Morf, we're making it orders of magnitude faster and easier for digital healthcare providers to integrate medical data across the disparate third-party applications they use to deliver care.

We’re a small, scrappy team driven by empathy for our customers and teammates, pride in and mastery of our craft, and a passion for bringing healthcare IT into the 21st century.

Challenges this role will help us tackle

We want to power the next generation of healthcare providers with a market-leading automation experience. We believe that giving providers tools to collect and manage patient data and easily create care delivery workflows on top of that data can unlock patient-centered care that’s focused on outcomes and doesn’t result in provider burn out.

There are no good tools that facilitate this kind of data unification and automation right now, and healthcare providers at the leading edge have had to build the glue themselves to enable it. This means we’ll be replacing gnarly custom code with no-code automations — supporting things like messaging a patient when their apple watch registers a heart arrhythmia and then getting them scheduled for a visit with a cardiologist.

What you’ll do

In this role, you would be a critical early hire that's responsible for the frontend engineering domain at the company. You'd get started by taking the lead on building a delightful, intuitive admin dashboard that enables our customers to manage their data and configure their integrations (think Stripe style dashboard and Zapier style configuration features).

You will…

  • Take responsibility and ownership of building well-architected, well-tested, performant, intuitive UX/UIs
  • Play a critical role on a small team that values developing high-quality software, practices continuous improvement, and believes in rapid iterative development in support of our product roadmap
  • Work closely with product and backend engineers on designing our APIs to support customer needs
  • Communicate the tradeoffs of speed, scope, and quality when proposing ideas and making technical decisions
  • Bring your technical expertise to help the team solve hard problems, adapt to change as we grow and leverage new technologies and best practices

What we’re looking for

  • 4+ years of professional hands-on software development experience
  • Extensive experience using front-end technologies like JavaScript and CSS to build complex web-based developer applications (including being an expert in at least one JS framework like React, Svelte, Vue, or Angular)
  • Deep empathy for the end-user and an understanding of usability issues in web applications
  • A love of great UX/UI with an eye for detail
  • Experience owning a product or feature from concept to launch while working collaboratively and cross-functionally with excellent communication skills
  • Ideally, you've built products at early-stage companies, and you're excited about being part of a scrappy team that's constantly facing ambiguity, but building and iterating toward an exciting vision.


  • Experience seting up automated browser testing and CI/CD workflows for frontend code
  • API and client SDK development experience
  • Product design experience
  • Bazel experience
  • Healthcare engineering experience
  • Golang experience - our backend code is written in Golang

💡 We welcome applications from any qualified people based in either the Bay-Area or NYC area preferentially, but we’d like to talk to you nevertheless if you’re in any US-timezone and think you’d be able to dive into our tech stack and help us with our immediate objectives.

Our current tech stack consists of the following components:

  • SvelteKit, Typescript, Vite, React, Next.js
  • Stytch
  • Bazel (rules_go, rules_docker, rules_nodejs, rules_k8s) for our monorepo
  • Golang (1.19+ principal language for backend APIs and services)
  • gRPC and protobuf v3 (for interservice communication)
  • entgo (for core object database modeling)
  • BuildBuddy (for CI and build caching)
  • Github (Actions for CI/CD)
  • Envoy for internal load balancing
  • Google Cloud
    • GKE
    • Pub/Sub
    • Spanner
    • Cloud SQL (Postgres)
    • Stackdriver (for logging) and managed prometheus for metrics
    • Secret Manager
    • Key Management Service
    • GLB

Why you should join Morf Health

Morf is going to improve patient experiences by being at the forefront of a wave of change in healthcare IT. Healthcare spend in the US is approximately USD $ $4 trillion per year. However patient outcomes aren’t improving as that number continues to rise. Some of this spend increase is due to complexity and momentum in the US healthcare system making it difficult to innovate in order to improve efficiency. We are working to change this.

Morf Health
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Montana Scher
Montana Scher
James Thompson
James Thompson