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The easiest way to set up a modern data stack

Mozart Data provides an out-of-the-box modern data stack that empowers anyone to easily consolidate, organize, and prepare their data for analysis. Spin up a data stack that’s built on a best-in-class data warehouse and ETL tool in hours, without any engineering. You can finally spend more time on generating insights and less time wrangling your data.

Mozart Data
Team Size:24
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Peter Fishman

Dan and I are working on data tools for SMBs, the types of modern data stacks that we've built at multiple high growth startups. I've been running data and data-adjacent teams in the Valley for over a decade at startups from a variety of industries including gaming, social, HR/benefits, real estate, and cannabis. Dan and I have been friends for 20 years and we previously co-founded a hot sauce company, Bacon Hot Sauce, 10 years ago selling hundreds of thousands of bottles.

Peter Fishman
Peter Fishman
Mozart Data

Dan Silberman

I am a product-oriented software engineer, with a focus on UX, data-engineering and data science. I've founded and worked at numerous startups, from consumer to fintech to healthcare.

Dan Silberman
Dan Silberman
Mozart Data

Company Launches

Mozart Data + Big Query:

Do you have GCP credits available? You can now get BigQuery, Looker, and use Mozart’s Sonata (free) offering to get your data to a central place and start your business intelligence reporting - ALL FOR FREE. https://mozartdata.com/mozart-data-and-bigquery/

This month, we’re launching Mozart Data for BigQuery. This is an extension of Mozart’s core offering: a managed data platform with best-in-class analyst support, so teams can reliably centralize their data and uncover actionable insights to drive their business more successfully.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies set up their data infrastructure without hiring a data engineer. With Mozart, you can set up BI reporting to have a business overview, answer questions about what customer segments are good from a usage or advertising perspective, and even gain insight into what customers are at risk of churn.

Best In Class Modern Data Stack:

Since YC’s S20 batch, we’ve had a Henry Ford-like stance on the Model T – any color the customer wants, as long as it’s black, or any data warehouse you want so long as it’s Snowflake.

We have always believed that we should offer a best-in-class gluing together of the modern data stack, so that startups can set up their data infrastructure without a data engineer, while also being able to set up their data infrastructure quickly without being slowed by the paradox of choice.

Choose your Data Warehouse:

Now, we are changing – Mozart will help you get up and running with either Snowflake or BigQuery as your data warehouse. We want to help you use your GCP credits to get your data set up with an ETL and a data warehouse. You get first-class data infrastructure from the start without needing the data engineer to help make it happen – we’ll do it for you.

Again, the Mozart team will help you use your GCP credits and get your data infrastructure to a strong, self-sufficient state so that you can begin to use BI tools to optimize and report on your business. If using YC deals, this can be done for free.

Learn more, and sign up:

Want to learn more about Mozart Data’s product and Google BigQuery integration, or just want to chat about data infrastructure or analytics, ping support@mozartdata.com.

Other Company Launches

Mozart Data Sonata - we set up and maintain world-class data infrastructure (ELT & Warehousing) for FREE

Every company should have the ability to use a Modern Data Stack from the start
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