Multiverse is a web-based game creation system inspired by Dungeons &…

Senior Full-stack Engineer at Multiverse

$120k - $155k / 0.30% - 0.60%
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3+ years
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Sara Alfageeh
Sara Alfageeh

About the role

About the job:

We're seeking an experienced full-stack engineer to join our team building the next generation of roleplaying games.

You'll be joining a team of 8 engineers building web games that mix frontend React UI with webGL accelerated graphics.

We think a lot about our craft as engineers. We involve everyone deeply in the product & design cycles, so you have input into what we build and why we're building it.

We talk to our players, a lot. Everyone on the team spends time in our public Discord talking to our players and understanding what they want. We believe in building intuition about our players, vs. relying only on our own.

As an engineering team, we are deeply ambitious. We've built our own web-based engine, UI library, character generator, game CMS, combat system and more.

You'll have deep institutional support: our founding team has three MIT engineers and we know what it takes to make a great engineering team and product. We care deeply about mentoring our engineers and finding opportunities for you to grow, and work on what you have the most energy and enthusiasm for.

Learn more about us here:

Women and under-represented minorities strongly encouraged to apply.

Ideal candidate

  • Skilled in React & Node.js. We're looking for someone who's built and shipped projects in React, because we want to make sure you can land on your feet.
  • Enjoys thinking from the user perspective and excited about learning as much about them as possible. You're interested in the idea of sharing early drafts with users and after shipping the feature, following the metrics to see if it landed.
  • Good at communicating, both on the technical and personal level. Great team members are skilled and a pleasure to work with.
  • A gamer at heart, however you define that. As long as you love playing and want to help other people play, you'll be a great fit.
  • Anywhere in a timezone between PST-EST. We've found that large timezone differences can be tough in a small team. You do not need to be in the US.
  • Even if you're worried you don't meet all these qualifications, please reach out! We'd love to hear from you. We value experience of all kinds and you don't have to have a conventional software engineering education or background to succeed here!

Why you should join Multiverse


Multiverse is a web-based game creation system, inspired by Roblox & Dungeons & Dragons. Every part of Multiverse can be created by our users, from skins, environments, characters, etc. and bought and sold on our marketplace, like in SecondLife.

You can see what it looks like here. Also check our our Twitter and website

Origin Story

We have an amazing product that started because the 3 founders wanted to play D&D and hated it. So we quickly built a web prototype that we played with our friends for over 5 hours. That started our mission to make this real and along the way we've found 3 other full-time employees, and a whole group of investors (some of whom you'll recognize) who are incredibly pumped to be on board. Our demo is super and we can't wait to play with you.

Where we are

We're pre-launch but doing alpha testing with a highly engaged user base. We have very active Twitter and Discord bases and have our pre-sale cosmetics has totaled over 20k. We're alpha testing with our Discord users and early feedback has been good.

You can see some samplings of user reactions to Multiverse here.

The Team

Despite all that, our team is the number one reason we love working at Multiverse. We're a fully remote team that communicates mostly over Discord. Everyone at Multiverse cares deeply about what we're making and each other and it shows a lot.

  • Thariq - CEO/Product Engineer. Thariq wrote the first prototype and broadly manage the frontend architecture and backend. Lots of experience in startups and games, recently sold to TSM.

  • Sara - CCO (Chief Creative Officer) & an award winning artist, Sara has literally designed a Marvel superhero. Sara is the one creating the world, stories and characters that drives the first verse in Multiverse.

  • Hisham - CTO & a world class graphics engineer with expertise in VR and AR. Hisham graduated from the MIT Media Lab, used to work at MagicLeap and created the webGL-based engine that powers everything in Multiverse.

Other people you'll work with include:

  • Jynnie - An amazing engineer & designer from MIT, Jynnie can think like both an artist and engineer and makes an amazing bridge between the two.

  • Megan - Our lead pixel artist. Megan is responsible for all of our in-game art and will always be the one who pushes for us to go the last mile of polish.