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OnScale's mission Our mission is to remove all financial barriers to allow Creators to live from their passion.

Creators struggle to manage their finances Managing cash flow, invoicing, budgeting and taxes make Creators extremely anxious. With unpredictable income it is very difficult to keep track of what money they have in the bank and how much they should spend or save based on their future income and expenses. They rely on a combination of tools to manage their business: Excel spreadsheet, DMs, Paypal, Stripe... Their poor financial management leads to numerous tax audits and heavy penalties. But more importantly, it prevents them from making smart business decisions.

Our product We are building the global financial infrastructure of the Creator Economy

OnScale empowers modern creators with a tailored set of business and banking features such as:

Business banking

• Business checking account • Physical and virtual debit cards with high limits ($5000/Day) • 3% cash-back at Soho House and NeueHouse • 24/7 VIP support by text messages

All-in-one finance management platform

• Cash flow overview: Paypal, Stripe, creator platforms, crypto wallets; all balances in one app. • Budgeting automated: Sets aside percentages of all income of creators in reserves for taxes, salaries, equipment, projects... Creators can control their spending and plan investments to grow their business • Tax write off tracker: Categorize expenses and display tax savings automatically. Creators can virtually expense everything and keep their taxable income down • Invoice maker: Stylized invoice templates that can be customized by creators • Pre-filled tax form: For each brand collab, creators are required to complete and submit a W-9 form. Our pre-filled W-9 forms are ready to be sent. No more wasted time • In-app LLC registration: When they expand their business, creators move from being sole proprietors to being LLC owners. Accountants and CPAs are pushing creators to register LLCs for tax and liability reasons.

Core values we defend

  1. Diversity of people & perspective
  2. Humble but nevertheless very ambitious
  3. Ownership and accountability
  4. Long-term impact
  5. Learning & self-improvement
  6. Spirit of camaraderie
  7. Empathy
Muse - OnScale
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Tonjé Bakang Tonje
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German Saprykin