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Designer & UI/UX Wizard

$60K - $120K
US / GB / CA / Remote (US; GB; CA)
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6+ years
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Omar Shams
Omar Shams

About the role

Auto Wiki ( turns your codebase into a Wikipedia style article with citations to your code. It's the easiest way to understand a codebase and drops the time write documentation to almost zero. is hiring a designer to take Auto Wiki to the next level this includes integration with things other than your code like your ticketing system and surfaces other kinds of information.

You should be opinionated, have taste, and have the UI/CSS chops to execute on your ideas.

Note: We do not operate in the waterfall model where we interview tons of users, make a big design, code it and then launch it. Instead we operate more iteratively and much more quickly than is typical where we seamlessly move between feedback, design, and building. This allows us to get more shots at goal and opportunities to wow our users.


You are a design and UI/UX wizard and are familiar with the developer tools space

  • Expert at CSS
  • Expert at Figma
  • Strong UX experience
  • Strong understanding of responsive design principles

What to expect

  • Incredibly talented technical team with passion for our space
  • Culture that values shipping, minimal process, technical excellence, and creativity
  • Mission to 10x the productivity and satisfaction of software engineers using AI

Nice to have

  • Enough familiarity with JS that you can interface with our engineers


  • Please respond with evidence of exceptional UI/Design ability.


Auto Wiki the planet! is revolutionizing how people understand code and technical documentation ( and looking to add some excellent engineers, ASAP.

We believe too many essential technologies ranging from roman concrete to the technology behind the Saturn V have been lost to history.

As a first step towards our long term mission of automating corporations we believe we must protect institutional knowledge and technology by making it widely understood and accessible with Auto Wiki (
Team Size:7
Location:San Francisco
Omar Shams
Omar Shams