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Lead Data Scientist

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3+ years
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About the role

Growth is the top priority for every company. Yet the best tools and practices are restricted to a few elite companies who can hire hundreds of engineers and data scientists. Everybody else loses $19 out of every $20 on generic marketing. Mutiny is building a no-code platform that helps companies convert that waste into actual customers and revenue by personalizing experiences based on who is actually viewing. Our greatest differentiator comes from the machine learning models we’ve built that learn across our platform and help our customers make the content changes to convert their prospects.

This problem has not been solved in a decade and we are building an iconic company that will automate growth engineering for every company. That's why Sequoia, YCombinator, and CMOs of companies such as Snowflake and Airbnb invested. Mutiny is beloved by some of the fastest growing companies including Notion, Brex, Carta, Segment, Algolia and Qualtrics. We have quadrupled revenue year-over-year with even more on the horizon!

The role in a nutshell

The fastest growing companies employ dozens of data scientists to even have a chance at analyzing all the data marketing generates. Most have none. As the Data Science Lead at Mutiny, you will lead our data science efforts to build products that democratize access to these capabilities for everyone. You will turn our proprietary data set of successful experiments from the world’s top marketers into machine learning models that proactively offer recommendations around target audience, messaging, and other components to drive revenue for our customers. You’ll work with our engineering teams to deliver these insights in our product, and together we will build an industry-leading intelligent conversion platform.

What you’ll do at Mutiny:

  • Build models that guide customers towards the most impactful actions to drive conversion
  • Extract relevant characteristics from unstructured data about successful marketing content to automatically build insights that can be applied to all marketers
  • Build models to analyze audiences made of tens of millions of visitors to identify trends and anomalies and tell users how they can optimize the experience for that group
  • Fine-tune GPT-3 models that generate personalized website content based on the particular website visitor
  • Build the foundation of our machine learning research process and put in place the infrastructure to rapidly build intelligent features
  • Identify additional opportunities for machine learning in our growing feature set and data set
  • Build smart and delightful user-facing experiences

What you’ll get out of it:

  • You are joining a rocketship! We are backed by Sequoia Capital, Y Combinator and CMOs from some of today's fastest-growing tech companies including AngelList, Carta, Gong, Hopin, Salesforce, and Snowflake. We are growing incredibly fast and about to hit another inflection point. The potential is unreal. Join and you’ll see what we mean.
  • You will create a name for yourself by bringing innovative data science solutions never before seen in this category.
  • You will get exposure to real business problems every company faces (growth) that you can take with you to start your own company (or to help scale another).
  • You will have fun, plain and simple. There is a reason our first company value is that work should feel like play.
  • You will experience a new way of working. Our team is fully distributed across the US and EU. But we come together as a company for quarterly offsites (usually in super fun places). This combination of experience-based working is a competitive advantage we plan on leaning into.

What we’re looking for :

  • 3+ years professional experience in Data Science managing projects spanning multiple modeling types/areas
  • Prior NLP experience within a user facing product (preferred, but not required)
  • Prior experience deploying and scaling models (preferred, but not required)
  • Someone who is energized by ambiguity and can create structure in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.
  • A kind human who wants to build an extraordinary product, culture and brand.

We are fully remote and offer H1-B Sponsorship. Mutiny does not accept agency submitted candidates for this posting.

Why you should join Mutiny

Today companies spend over $1T to bring customers to the door, but $19 of every $20 they spend does not convert to revenue. Companies have no choice other than to dedicate large engineering and data science teams to manually build more relevant, higher converting experiences for different customer segments.

Mutiny is a no-code AI platform that helps marketers convert their top of funnel demand into revenue, without engineers. Mutiny gives marketers everything they need to drive revenue and prove it — from data and analytics to AI-powered recommendations and content writing. We are backed by Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global, Insight Partners, Y Combinator and CMOs from some of today’s fastest-growing tech companies including AngelList, Carta, Gong, Hopin, Salesforce and Snowflake.

Team Size:50
Location:San Francisco
Nikhil Mathew
Nikhil Mathew
Jaleh Rezaei
Jaleh Rezaei