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VP of Growth / GTM at Narrator

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6+ years
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Cedric Dussud
Cedric Dussud

About the role

At Narrator, our goal is to make sure anyone can use data to make better decisions.

We're looking for a VP of Growth / GTM to join our growing team. Our growth at this point has been led by our founders and our sales team, but to get us to the 1000 customer milestone, we need an experienced VP of Growth at the leadership level.

We're looking for someone who has previously thrived in a similar role, specifically a B2B technology (preferably data) company at a growing startup.

What you will do:

  • Be a strategic thought partner to the CEO and VP of Sales
  • Identify the highest priority initiatives for company growth
  • Use data to evaluate the success of your initiatives (great way to dogfood Narrator!)
  • Drive discovery and inform the content direction of Narrator's blog
  • Create and qualify leads through initiatives such as SEO optimization, content marketing, nurture programs, partner marketing, email campaigns, webinars, and other channels
  • Understand customer needs and define Narrator's positioning and messaging across various customer segments through qualitative and quantitative research
  • Set the foundation for Narrator's growth team culture and hire teammates who complement your skills

Why you should join Narrator

Narrator enables anyone on your team to get answers to their most important data questions in only a few minutes (without being blocked by your data team): build tables without needing SQL and generate comprehensive analyses instantly to ensure you make the most informed decisions. Most importantly, it's powered by your data warehouse, so it uses the same data as your data team.

Our single-table approach replaces the need for joins, maintenance, and complicated SQL, while still preserving the accuracy, reliability and control of your data warehouse. Plus, this approach is standardized and company agnostic, meaning it works for any company, vertical, and data question.

We founded Narrator after being tired of doing the same data work over and over, working with new startups and effectively having to start from scratch.

Narrator exists because getting the answers you need in a timely manner can be the difference between making the right and wrong decision.