Answer data requests in minutes with only one table

Creative Lead / Senior Designer

NYC (or remote) / Remote
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6+ years
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Cedric Dussud
Cedric Dussud

About the role

We're looking for a Creative Lead / Senior Designer to join our small team.

In your previous roles have you ever felt like you wished you could use data to make better decisions?

Our goal is to enable our users to ask any possible data question on top of their company's data so they can make better decisions. Because of this, every Narrator employee eventually learns how to ask questions like a Senior Data Analyst. That's the beauty of our platform.

We understand this is quite difficult to achieve and are looking for folks who want to help us figure it out!

Ideally you have experience working on complicated enterprise tools (think BI, complicated financial/accounting software, anything in the realm of Excel, Airtable, Datadog, Looker, etc...), and are interested in solving UX challenges.

Why Narrator?

  • It's a very complex unusual interesting product with lots of interesting problems
  • You'll be establishing design at Narrator moving forward, so we're looking for a peer to work alongside our heads of product and engineering.
  • You'd be able to build your ideal design team from scratch
  • We've strategically surrounded ourselves with design experts as investors and advisors (that would be at your disposal if you'd find it helpful)

Why you should join Narrator

Narrator is an enterprise-grade data platform that allows anyone on your team to answer their own data questions, connect siloed data sources together, and sync any table to BI and SaaS tools without needing to be a SQL expert.

Our single-table approach replaces the need for joins, maintenance, and complicated SQL, while still preserving the accuracy, reliability and control of your data warehouse. Plus, this approach is standardized and company agnostic, meaning it works for any company, vertical, and data question.

We founded Narrator after being tired of doing the same data work over and over, working with new startups and effectively having to start from scratch.

Narrator exists because getting the answers you need in a timely manner can be the difference between making the right and wrong decision.