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1+ years
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Randy Frank
Randy Frank

About the role

Our first hire! As an early member of the engineering team, you will be responsible for setting the standard for future employees and the cadence of product development. You'll join our technical co-founder in wearing many hats and working on all parts of our tech stack. Core responsibilities will be building out new features requested by our customers, developing extensible JS libraries, and brainstorming creative solutions to challenging problems.

🏠Location: Remote/San Francisco/New York - We're aiming to relocate to a tech hub by the end of the year, but it's remote for now!

Personal traits we are looking for:

  • Are naturally curious and willing to pick up new skills.
  • Gets excited about solving interesting problems.
  • Has deep empathy for the end user and willing to talk to customers to reach a deep understanding of the problem.
  • Can verbalize several proposed solutions for a given problem. Earnest to collaborate, but defaults to action and can autonomously figure out the solution to a problem.
  • Is opinionated, but enjoys the benefits of being a generalist and not tied down to a specific language, framework, or part of our codebase.

Experience we're looking for:

  • Typescript / JS / React / Node
  • Bonus: Rust, Go, Elixir, or C++
  • Developing efficient, extensible JS libraries
  • Bonus: Experience building enterprise-grade applications

What you can expect:

1. Send us an engaging email telling us about the most impressive thing you've ever built.

2. An intro call with the founders so we can learn about each other. We're most interested in learning why you were motivated to apply.

3. A small task to complete similar to a problem you would encounter as a member of the team.

4. Another call to present your work. You can expect a few more technical questions so we get an understanding of how you think.

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