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Machine Learning Engineer

Seattle, WA / Remote
Job Type
6+ years
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Max Keenan
Max Keenan

About the role

What You’ll Do

  • Apply cutting-edge NLP research to unstructured data to provide real value to users - specifically semantic understanding, and recognizing named entities in unstructured text
  • Design and own all aspects of our machine learning infrastructure - you’ll be trusted to work largely independently with all aspects of the machine learning pipeline, and have the freedom to implement industry best practices that allow us to work quickly
  • Help make decisions about the direction of the product - you should be passionate and open-minded about productivity tools and information discovery and work closely with the founding team to make key decisions around the direction of the product based on real data and user feedback
  • Talk to users!

What You Need

  • Previous experience implementing machine learning in a production setting -Strong understanding of modern NLP techniques (work related to embeddings, and named entity recognition a plus)
  • Experience with AWS ML tools such as SageMaker
  • Familiarity with ML frameworks such as PyTorch and Tensorflow

About the interview

Phone Screen

Quick 30 min call where you talk with Max Keenan (CEO) about your general background and hear more about the vision and story behind Needl. Very informal, mostly just to gauge interest and make sure we’re the right fit for you.

Technical Interview

Hour long systems design / algorithms interview. Main purpose is to gauge how you think and how you would solve problems.

Meeting rest of team

30 min call with any other team members you didn’t meet throughout the hiring process. This is as much for us as it is for you — we’re going to spend a lot of time together, let’s make sure we get along!

Potential other meetings

We may have other informal calls to answer lingering questions or even a meet up in Seattle (we’ll fly you out if you don’t live here) just to make sure we’re the right fit!

Why you should join Needl

Needl lets you instantly find any file, document, or message you need. We do this through a single search bar for all your web apps.

We’re not only unifying all of these platforms together, but we’re making search better by using language models to give users a better and more personalized search experience.

Team Size:3
Location:Seattle, WA
Max Keenan
Max Keenan
James Liu
James Liu
Angela Liu
Angela Liu