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Software Engineer - Autonomous Navigation for Robots at NextEra Robotics

$120 - $150 / 0.00% - 0.10%
Boston, MA
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1+ years
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Lana Graf
Lana Graf

About the role

Role: play a significant part in the development of planning and control software for autonomous mobile robot stack. Nextera’s next-generation autonomous robots are being deployed in a variety of environments – from warehouses to production floors, to construction sites. You will take part in the development of robust navigation techniques for our new robot models and work with our engineering team in Boston to bring the products to life. You will experiment wtih various approaches and components availabe on the market to compile the best balance of accuracy, development time and manufacturing costs.


  • Proven experience in SLAM for drones or mobile robots
  • Strong CS, Mathematics or Physics background
  • Excellent programming skills
  • Familiarity with simulation tools such as Gazebo


  • Familiarity with Visual SLAM, ORB SLAM, Factor Graphs, ROS, lidars, sensors fusion, 3D reconstruction, calibration, path planning algorithms
  • GPU and TPU programming experience
  • Strong math skills, familiarity with mathematical optimization in the context of autonomous navigation and computer vision
  • Experienced with Matlab or similar tool
  • M.S. or PhD

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Nextera Robotics is a stealth-mode, fast-growing industrial robotics and AI company created by MIT alumni. Nextera clients include Dunkin Donuts, Tesla, Analog Devices, and other Fortune 500 companies. Nextera has graduated from Y Combinator in Summer 2020.