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Software Engineer – Robotics, AI, Web at NextEra Robotics

$80k - $110k
Boston, MA
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Lana Graf
Lana Graf

About the role

This is a perfect job for you if you are a strong programmer, who loves solving problems and learning new technologies.


  • Strong Python or C++ skills
  • Full-stack development experience
  • A portfolio of awesome projects that you’ve completed or taken part in, and proud to tell us about

Over the next 12 months expect to work with several different Nextera teams in various projects focused on a broad spectrum of tech: from creating web applications for robotic fleet management, to programming industrial robotic arms, to training deep neural networks for image recognition or autonomous navigation. Whenever a team needs an extra pair of hands for a few weeks or few months, you’ll be the hero who jumps into the boat and helps to paddle. You are going to work with our technology experts and under their guidance.

Extra points for background in math, physics, or hardcore hacking.

We'll be very excited to learn more about you and welcome you to the Nextera Robotics team!

Why you should join NextEra Robotics

Nextera Robotics is a stealth-mode, fast-growing industrial robotics and AI company created by MIT alumni. Nextera clients include Dunkin Donuts, Tesla, Analog Devices, and other Fortune 500 companies. Nextera has graduated from Y Combinator in Summer 2020.