Nira Energy

Software to find the best sites for renewables on the electrical grid

Full Stack Engineer

$70k - $200k / 0.10% - 1.00%
Job Type
1+ years
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Chris Ariante
Chris Ariante

About the role

What you'll do

As a Full-Stack Engineer, you'll wear many hats. We'll want you as a part of all aspects of the development cycle; starting from initial Figma designs, through writing the code, all the way to user feedback. Some days, you might help with our CI/CD setup and on other days we may need you to build a new frontend feature. You'll partner closely with the CTO on engineering proposals and roadmaps. Some example projects are:

  • Write data pipelines to launch new markets in the US.
  • Build integrations with companies that we're partnering with.
  • Build features to support new pricing plans for Nira.
  • Build MVPs for new adjacent products we're exploring.

About you

  • 1+ year working as a software engineer.
  • Extremely fast learner. Experience with our tech stack would be great, but being able to learn is more important.
  • Excited about working in climate tech!
  • Excited to work with Transmission Engineers and learn about how our electrical grid works.
  • Product-minded: enjoys thinking about the whole picture and talking to users.
  • Operate well in ambiguity and excited about taking ownership over large pieces of work.
  • Capable of rolling with the punches. Plans change when working at a rapidly growing startup.

Why you should join Nira Energy

  • Nira's mission is to convert the US power grid to be 100% fossil-free.
  • Nira is a software platform that helps renewable energy developers (solar/wind) find the most profitable land to build new projects.
  • We're helping our customers save months of time finding good land for their projects.
  • We focus on estimating the cost to interconnect with the electrical grid (aka the Interconnection Process). Depending on where developers connect, they may be on the hook to pay millions of dollars to upgrade power lines, substations etc.
  • We have dozens of paying customers and are growing rapidly.
Nira Energy
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Chris Ariante
Chris Ariante
Andy Chen
Andy Chen
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin