Telenutrition therapy from a registered dietitian, paid via insurance

Customer Experience Manager

$90k - $120k / 0.10%
New York, NY, US / Remote (US)
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3+ years
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Aidan Dewar
Aidan Dewar

About the role

About Nourish

Nourish is solving America’s healthcare crisis by helping people eat better. We connect chronic disease patients with a Registered Dietitian via telehealth and get it covered by their health insurance.

We launched one year ago and already have ~50 dietitians and thousands of patients on the platform. Our patients span a wide range of nutrition-related conditions including diabetes, eating disorders, kidney disease, GI conditions, cancer, obesity / weight management, cardiovascular disease, and more.

We have millions in revenue (up 5x in 2022), have partnered with national health insurance companies and provider groups, and have raised significant funding from top-tier VCs including Thrive Capital, Y Combinator, Susa Ventures, Operator Partners, and Box Group. Our angel investors include world-class healthcare founders from Rightway Health, Headway, Spring Health, Alto Pharmacy, and more.

About the Role

As the leader of our CX team, you’ll work closely with operations, product, and engineering to provide a world-class experience for Nourish patients.

You will be instrumental in executing Nourish’s ambitious growth targets; you will lead a critical function of the organization as Nourish scales its interactions with patients, dietitians, and insurance companies.

Key responsibilities

  • Oversee and manage the in-house (4) and outsourced (2) CX team
  • Identify tech & process changes / implementation to improve our operations
  • Ensure insurance billing excellence and compliance
  • Optimize our support to handle all questions & issues for both patients and dietitians

You will love this role if:

  • You’re passionate about Nourish’s mission. You’re interested in nutrition and are eager to be part of solving America’s healthcare crisis.
  • You care deeply about client experience. You want to ensure Nourish clients have a best-in-class experience, from the very first touchpoint they have with Nourish onwards. You proactively identify areas for improvement within the client experience org and quickly move to enact change.
  • You thrive when given ownership. You’re a self starter and want to have full ownership over a core business function. You take ownership of all responsibilities, big and small.
  • You are detailed-oriented. You understand that client experience has a lot of moving pieces and have systems to stay organized. You get satisfaction out of ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.
  • You love to inspire and motivate a team. You are excited to build out and shape a team. You get enjoyment from training / mentoring teammates and helping them reach their full potential. You can work well with in-house employees, outsourced medical assistants, and vendors.

We’d love to hear from you if:

  • You have 3+ years industry experience in customer experience roles and are interested in early-stage startups. 5+ years experience is preferred but not required.
  • You have experience building out a customer experience function and leading customer experience teams.
  • You enjoy solving high-level strategy and optimization questions, but you are also not afraid to get into the weeds when needed.
  • You are data-driven and open to learning & using new technologies; you have a strong understanding of CX metrics.
  • You thrive in a fast-moving environment and are not intimidated by ambiguity or change. You enjoy new challenges and jump in headfirst when facing an issue.
  • You’re comfortable working with a variety of team members and stakeholders both internally and externally, and have strong verbal & written communication skills

About the interview


We move fast! We can move as fast as ~2 weeks from the initial intro call to offer. We understand your time is valuable and you may be evaluating a number of opportunities, so we will work with your timeline and speed. You’ll have an opportunity to meet all three co-founders and several members of the team including our investors — we feel strongly that our team is the best part of Nourish, and want you to be excited about working with each of us! We also believe it’s important to meet in person where reasonably possible — we will help you make accommodations to make that happen.

Our Process

  1. Initial call with Aidan, Co-Founder & CEO (30 mins, Zoom)
    • The purpose is to learn about you, your journey, what gets you motivated, and your career goals. Aidan will speak to you about the mission of the company and our goals for the next several years. You’ll learn all about what it'd be like working at Nourish and have the opportunity to ask whatever questions you want.
  2. CX Deep-dive with Marina, Director of Operations (30 mins, in-person if located in NY, Zoom if remote)
    • Marina will speak to you in depth about our current CX operations and what is on the roadmap for the remainder of 2022 and 2023. You’ll also share more information on your background and how you would envision leading CX at Nourish.
  3. CX Case Study + Project Showcase with Marina (1 hour, Zoom)
    • There will be two parts:
      1. A short project showcase—please be prepared to walkthrough a recent project you’ve worked on. What you share is up to you — screenshare demo is preferred.
      2. A short case study that we will work through together. We’ll discuss sample CX scenarios and opportunities to optimize the CX organization.
  4. Tech & Product Chat with Stephanie, Co-Founder & CTO (30 mins, Zoom)
    • A core focus for Nourish right now is building out technology to support our CX function. Stephanie will speak to you about the intersection between tech and CX at Nourish and provide insight into the engineering roadmap for 2022 and beyond. We’ll also chat about your background and what you’d be looking to achieve at Nourish.
  5. Nourish Outlook and Goals with Sam, Co-Founder & COO (30 mins, Zoom)
    • You’ll have a deeper understanding of Nourish by this point, so you can ask more in-depth questions about the operations of Nourish. Sam will go over our OKRs for this quarter and our outlook for 2023. He’ll also provide insight on the intersection between Growth and CX at Nourish.
  6. Nourish Project (2-3 hours async with kick-off call)
    • We want you to have a sense of what it’d be like to actually work at Nourish! We like for you to dig in and contribute to a project that Nourish is currently working on. We’ll work together to scope the project and actually implement your work. You’ll be able to see how we work and contribute to the team.
    • If this is somehow not possible, please let us know ahead of time and we will arrange an alternative.
  7. Meet more Nourish team members (Zoom, in-person where possible, informal and customized to you)
    • We want you to meet the team you’ll be working with! This is your chance to “reverse interview” the Nourish team and get to know everyone. This step of the process will be customized to you — you’ll have the opportunity to meet our team members, investors, and learn all about Nourish (we’re very transparent). We have a preference for meeting in person — we’ll help you make accommodations.
  8. Receive an offer
    • Discuss details of the offer on a call and answer any final questions.
  9. You join Nourish!
    • Let’s make a dent in the universe and solve America’s healthcare crisis by helping people eat better.

Why you should join Nourish

Nourish is solving America’s healthcare crisis by helping people eat better. We connect chronic condition patients with a Registered Dietitian via telehealth and get it covered by their health insurance.

Team Size:16
Location:San Francisco
Aidan Dewar
Aidan Dewar
Stephanie Liu
Stephanie Liu
Sam Perkins
Sam Perkins