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Noya Software

Product design tool that lets everyone design like a designer

Noya is a new kind of product design tool for non-designers. This is our second time co-founding a design tools company – our first company was acquired by Airbnb in 2017 and we became the design tools team there. At Airbnb, we built the design infrastructure that the entire company relied on to scale design without increasing headcount costs. We did this by letting non-designers (such as marketing, PMs, and engineering) design screens and websites. Now we're making these tools available to every company.

Noya Software
Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Harj Taggar

Active Founders

Devin Abbott

Currently building Noya, a new kind of product design tool that lets everyone design like a designer. Before Noya, Devin worked on the design tools team at Airbnb after they acquired his design tools startup. Devin also ran a developer training business, where he taught React workshops at top companies like Coinbase. Devin’s open source projects have over 15,000 stars on GitHub.

Devin Abbott
Devin Abbott
Noya Software

David Chen

David is building Noya, a new kind of product design tool that lets everyone design like a designer. Before Noya, he worked on design tools at Airbnb, which acquired his previous startup. He was also the first product manager at DotCloud and helped prototype its pivot into Docker. David started early as a founder—one of his first startups was a discussion board service that grew to 2.5 million visitors monthly while he was in high school.

Company Launches

tldr; Noya UI is a collection of beautiful, premade UI components that you can drop into your own codebase as a starting point. Noya UI supports most common web frameworks and libraries like Tailwind, React, and Chakra UI.

Check it out: https://noya.io/ui

About Us

Hi everyone! My cofounder David and I were the Design Tools team at Airbnb, after they acquired our previous design tools company. We pioneered internal tools and processes that the award-winning Airbnb design team used when designing web and mobile apps.

In 2023 we started our second company together, Noya Software, and were part of the W23 batch. While building our AI-powered design tool, we put together a collection of high-quality “universal” components — components that work across many web frameworks. Based on feedback from customers, we’ve decided to release this component collection as a standalone product: Noya UI!

The problem

When building websites or mobile apps, you have some UI design needs but…

  1. You don’t have enough design work to justify a full-time designer on your project
  2. Designer contractors can be very unpredictable: they take a while to find and vet, the best ones are booked up for months, and even then there’s no guarantee you’ll get quality, timely designs
  3. Premade templates and component kits typically only work for specific frontend tech stacks, and often don’t have components that are relevant within your vertical, thus requiring you to make significant modifications

At the end of the day, for all the time and money you spend you can very easily wind up with a subpar design.

Our solution: Noya UI

Noya UI is a collection of beautiful, premade UI components that you can copy and paste into your own codebase and customize as a starting point for your website.

Compared to existing component kits, Noya UI is:

  • Tech stack agnostic: We support a wide range of tech stacks and base component libraries: plain HTML + CSS, React, Vue, Tailwind, Chakra UI, MUI, Ant Design, Radix Themes (and if we’re missing what you use, get in touch and we’ll see if we can add it! e.g. Shadcn or Framer or Webflow)
  • Multi-vertical: We offer components focused on specific verticals like developer tools and fintech, which are often missing from other kits. Of course, we have all the common marketing/landing page components, too!

Our ask for you

  1. We’d love for you to consider using noya.io/ui for your website! It’s a one-time purchase of $149 for lifetime access.
  2. Share this post with founders, PMs, and engineers in your network who might be interested!

Feel free to reach out to us anytime via Discord or email: founders@noyasoftware.com

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