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nplex uses nanotechnology to measure proteins at scale.

Lab Ops Admin at nplex biosciences

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Milad Dagher
Milad Dagher

About the role

We are looking for a Lab Operations Administrator to support our day-to-day laboratory management, as well as our facility expansion projects. 

About us

nplex was founded with the purpose of making biology easier to understand. To do this, we are untangling some of the most difficult problems in protein profiling and measurement.

Our team is combining DNA nanotechnology, high-dimensional flow cytometry, laboratory automation, and machine learning to develop the world’s highest throughput proteomic platform: the nELISA. Today, every nELISA ‘unit cell’ is zipping at 300,000 proteins per day. We’re aiming to scale to 1M proteins per instrument per day in the next year. In short, we are trying to do for proteomics what Illumina did for DNA sequencing.

We are building a diverse team of engineers, scientists, and world-changers. We like to break down difficult problems using a first principles approach, leveraging the latest breakthroughs from across the scientific and technological spectrum to drive our mission forward.

About the Role

Our laboratory operations sits at the heart of nplex. We pride ourselves in maintaining highly coordinated and agile lab operations. As we are now expanding and enhancing our facilities, we are seeking a highly motivated individual to support both our day-to-day laboratory management, as well as our facility expansion projects. We are looking for someone who embraces the fast paced nature of a start-up, is capable of prioritizing and managing several projects simultaneously, and loves to see projects through to fruition.

As the Lab Ops Admin, you will have various lab management responsibilities:

  • Maintain the smooth operations of a high-throughput high-content proteomics laboratory.

  • Interface with our Laboratory Inventory Management System (LIMS), forecast reagent and consumables consumption, and in general maintain a well stocked laboratory.

  • Work closely with the Lab Ops and Engineering teams to improve laboratory processes.

  • Liaise with our partners, suppliers and vendors to ensure timely delivery of customer samples, reagents, and equipment.

  • Collaborate with the automation team in procuring and coordinating instrument acquisition, as well as scheduling regular calibration and upkeep.

  • Coordinate our facility expansion projects, such as designing lab layouts, establishing supply chain, and tracking construction efforts.

  • Organize lab admin initiatives such as, translating processes into flow charts, coordinating updates to training programs and inventory management.

What we’re looking for:

  • Bachelors in a Biology-related field with 5+ years, or Masters in a Biology-related field with 3+ years of wet lab experience, ideally as a lab manager.

  • Knowledge of techniques in a biotechnology discipline, e.g. ELISA, protein expression/purification, SDS-PAGE/western blot, cell culture, cytometry.

  • Experience with managing multi-disciplinary projects.

  • Excellent communication, documentation and organizational skills.

  • Eager to solve logistical and operational challenges.

  • Optional but desired: Bilingual (English and French)

Please apply if you:

Connect deeply with our mission, ambition and sense of duty. We developed our technology to better measure biology and discover biomarkers for early detection of diseases. We firmly believe we will be successful in literally eradicating certain diseases by enabling them to be diagnosed and treated earlier. Are up for a challenge and want to grow: We are a team of problem-solvers, and we continually put ourselves to the test and go into the unknown. We have a growth mindset, and we rely on each other to give critical and candid feedback to ensure that we can reach our full potential.

Why you should join nplex biosciences

nplex is doing for protein profiling, what Illumina did for DNA sequencing. Our core technology, the nELISA, is a next-gen immunoassay platform that transforms the ELISA into a high-throughput, high-content, and high-versatility tool.

Today we developed the nELISA for high-throughput drug discovery scientists, enabling them profile 100s of proteins at 10x higher throughput and 10x lower cost compared to existing solutions. We're offering the nELISA through early access programs to HTS groups in top pharmas as well as pioneering biotechs in the space.

Our goal is to create a ubiquitous technology that consolidates the broad range of legacy immunoassay toolkits that scientists use today with a single platform that can carry the science end-to-end, from discovery all the way to the clinic.

We're a team of engineers, biologists, and highly-skilled lab operators that are looking to grow quickly to keep up with customer demand but also to continue developing our core technology, scale our multiplexing/throughput, and build our software stack. We're hiring on a number of positions including engineering, software, biology, and ops. Come talk to us!