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Frontend Engineer

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3+ years
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Ramon Lamana
Ramon Lamana

About the role

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Okteto provides a local development experience for cloud applications. In a world of ever-emerging technologies, many tools to manage cloud-native applications become more overwhelming every year. This vastly increases the cognitive load for developers, decreases their productivity, and forces them to become experts in areas different from their own. With Okteto, you code locally in your favorite IDE, and Okteto takes care of updating your application in your development environment to provide continuous feedback as you code. No commit, build, push, or deploy required.

At Okteto, we believe that teams should focus on what they love, and that's why we dedicate our efforts to making the world of developers more friendly and streamlined than ever. Our team is passionate and believes deeply in this mission: make developers and teams more productive developing cloud-native applications to focus more on innovation. And this is why we need you: We are looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer to join our team to help us create THE development platforms for teams.

What you'll be doing

  • Implement and design the architecture of frontend features and React components.

  • Work in parallel with designers to optimize and convert mockups and designs into solid UIs.

  • Collaborate with other members of the engineering team to optimize system performance.

  • Collaborate with other engineering team members to understand our users and analyze feature adoption.

  • Interact with our customers to understand their needs and incorporate them into our roadmap.

You can try our product here to get a sense of what we are building. You can also learn about the story of Okteto and our vision by listening to our episode in the Kubernetes podcast.

A good fit

  • At least 2-year experience building front end applications

  • You're comfortable working with a remote team.

  • You have experience with web application development, particularly on the client-side (Javascript, CSS, Webpack, Babel).

  • You have experience with a frontend framework, preferably React.

  • You're interested in building better developer experiences.

Nice to have

  • You have some experience developing microservices, containers, cloud infrastructure.

  • You have experience measuring the impact of a feature.

  • Experience contributing to open-source projects.

  • Experience with GraphQL.

Joining Okteto

  • An opportunity to join an early startup made up of people passionate about developer experience and community building.

  • 100% remote from day one means we understand what it takes to foster an efficient, distributed team across international time zones.

  • $1000 office equipment stipend to get you set up for work-from-home productive success

  • Sponsored yearly company offsite - when we're all safely able to meet.

  • Competitive salary and equity

Why you should join Okteto

At Okteto, we are working hard at creating the next-generation development experience for teams of all sizes. Have you ever seen how long it takes a developer to set up everything they need before working on a feature? We are fixing that. We want developers to focus on building value for their teams instead of wasting time setting up local environments or trying to debug "production only" issues.

Team Size:18
Location:San Francisco
Ramiro Berrelleza
Ramiro Berrelleza
Pablo Chico de Guzman
Pablo Chico de Guzman
Ramon Lamana
Ramon Lamana