Olympian Motors

Manufacturing modular electric vehicles with style

Head of Vehicle Engineering (Full-Stack)

$200K / 3.50%
Los Angeles, CA, US
Job Type
6+ years
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Eren Canarslan
Eren Canarslan

About the role

Company Description: Olympian Motors is a modular electric vehicle company. Olympian combines innovative modular EV systems with timeless design aesthetics. As an early Series A stage startup, we are pioneering the transition to modular EV manufacturing while offering aesthetic and sustainable vehicles.

Role:nWe are seeking a Full-Stack Vehicle Engineer to join our startup, as one of the critical early-employees.

Manufacturing pioneers, join Olympian to create the most fantastic electric mobility company of the 21st century.

Olympian Motors, Inc.


VP of Full-Stack Vehicle Engineering: Olympian Motors is hiring a VP of Vehicle Engineering to expand its modular EV manufacturing capacity.

Job Requirements:

5-10+ years of experience in electric vehicle and/or robotics manufacturing. Full-stack engineering skill-set in electric vehicle and/or robotics manufacturing. Requirement: End-to-end vehicle manufacturing experience, across design, fabrication, machining-printing, and assembly. Requirement: Seeking for new challenges. Requirement: Sharp builder and maker mindset. Plus: Interest in advanced AI/ML applications in manufacturing and physics. Plus: Interested in using AI/ML applications in design, CAD/CAM, and machine programming. Plus: Experience in startups.

Please send your resume to careers(at)olympianmotors.com

About Olympian Motors

  • Olympian Motors is a new, disruptive automaker, building unique, aesthetic, minimalistic, software-defined electric vehicles.
  • Our unique Olympian Operating System (OOS) enables 'data privacy-first' user experience and radically minimalistic cockpit.
  • Olympian has a unique fully 'fabless' production model in the U.S., running an asset-light operation with no CAPEX or no front R&D - unlike other conventional EV companies in the U.S
Olympian Motors
Team Size:10
Location:New York
Eren Canarslan
Eren Canarslan
Jasmine Sungu
Jasmine Sungu