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Content Marketing - CyberSecurity

$40K - $100K / 0.01% - 0.05%
US / Remote (US)
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3+ years
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Bryan Onel
Bryan Onel

About the role

About Oneleet

Oneleet is a cybersecurity startup with a mission to revolutionize the industry. It aims to make effective cybersecurity easy and painless for companies by providing a comprehensive platform that helps companies build, manage, and monitor their cybersecurity management program.

Oneleet is backed by top-tier venture capital firms including Y Combinator, and is part of their S22 cohort. The founding team has over 10 years of penetration testing and cybersecurity experience.

Be a part of our team of opinionated rebels and help us create a category-defining company on a mission to reshape the broken and fragmented cybersecurity industry.

Role Description

Do you love creating content? Do you love cybersecurity? Come help us build out Content Marketing at Oneleet across articles, social, video, & more!

We need someone who has a strong technical background in cybersecurity. Give us a technical breakdown of the 23andMe hack, explain the most common ways that startups become compromised, create an infographic of the most vulnerable tools & their much more secure alternative.

This role will both be creating content themselves AND recruiting + managing industry experts to come create content in partnership with us.

This will be very focused on Articles + Social (Linkedin/Twitter) for the next 12 months.

Job Requirements

  • Strong enough background in cybersecurity you’re able to create “the best article on the internet” for XYZ cybersecurity topic (SOC2, popular hacks, most common vulnerabilities)
  • EXTREMELY strong writer + editor … both for articles but also social media content
  • Either able to create amazing infographics yourself OR work with designers to accomplish this, but must be able to at minimum own strategy of graphic elements associated with articles + social media posts
  • Strong sense for concept idea’s & what would preform well across SEO + social
  • Able to ghost write for our CEO to a place where he is proud of the content being said from his voice

Success in this role means that we are posting at least one “best article on the internet” every single day, in addition to 1x post on Twitter + Linkedin.

This is a full time contract role.

About Oneleet

Oneleet is a Y Combinator-funded cybersecurity startup that aims to make effective cybersecurity easy and painless for companies. The company provides a full-coverage cybersecurity platform through which companies can build, manage, and monitor their cybersecurity management program.

The core product is a roadmap for companies that helps them become secure and build trust with their partners, which requires the implementation of numerous solutions like penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, awareness training, static code scanning, endpoint monitoring, and more.

Team Size:17
Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bryan Onel
Bryan Onel
Ora Onel
Ora Onel