Sell clothes on multiple marketplaces

Software Engineer (Front End) at OneShop

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1+ years
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Albert Chuang
Albert Chuang

About the role

OneShop makes selling on e-commerce marketplaces like Poshmark and Mercari easier. We do this by offering consumer-grade seller tools for listing, marketing, and analytics. Our customers save a day every week when using our product.

We charge a monthly subscription for access to our product and are lucky to serve hundreds of sellers today. There's steady growth and we're profitable.

We're looking for a frontend engineer to join our team. The ideal teammate is technology agnostic, bears the full cost of ownership for decisions, and is driven enough to singlehandedly own important business outcomes.

We have a mobile app (iOS + Android) and web app.

  • Our mobile frontend is built with React Native. We use Relay, Expo (bare workflow), and TypeScript.
  • Our web app is built with Next.js. We use Relay and TypeScript.

Some examples of what you'll work on

  • Optimize time-to-value for our customers by championing and building improvements to our onboarding flow
  • Design GraphQL interfaces with our backend engineers
  • Build abstractions and components to speed up frontend development

Why you should join OneShop

OneShop helps clothing sellers hit their personal goals on marketplaces. Easily list to multiple marketplaces, attract buyers, build habits, and compete with other sellers all in our app.