Customer messaging via push notifications, email, SMS, & in-app.

Engineering Director, Head of Product Engineering at OneSignal

San Mateo, CA
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

OneSignal has a lot of the great tech startup qualities you'd expect, but we don't stop there. Our massive scale and small team, emphasis on kindness in all our interactions, and focus on ownership and personal growth make OneSignal a uniquely great place to work.

Our product engineering team builds our main product interface ( and API. With over 9 billion messages sent each day and over 1 million users, our small team’s work makes a massive impact. We tackle challenges at the intersection of engineering and product development, like notification authoring for over a dozen different platforms and multiple channels (push, in-app, SMS, and email) and intelligent message delivery customized to each recipient.

We work closely with our product and design teams throughout the development process and opt for collaboration over hand-offs. As head of the product engineering group, you’ll support our amazing team of product engineers in their career growth and will drive critical process & organization improvements to make every day delightful.

We’ve found product-market fit and are building our systems for massive scale and high maintainability. As the team’s main organizational representative, you’d ensure priorities are clear, our processes are robust and lightweight, and we’re making the right investments to build for the future.

In a typical month, the Head of Product Engineering at OneSignal might:

  • Work with product, design, and stakeholders throughout the company to understand our strategy and business context, then communicate it to product engineering team members and managers to provide context for their work and capture feedback
  • Mentor engineers & managers you support to ensure they have a clear career growth path and the resources and opportunities they need to capture it. Provide and solicit regular feedback to help them achieve their goals.
  • Ensure we maintain a smooth process and high work management standards overseeing the team’s projects to ensure they make work visible, have clear goals, and hit targets reliability.
  • Work closely with managers, technical leads, and product managers to review and prioritize long term investments in our technical and product roadmap.
  • Help evolve our hiring practices by improving the candidate experience and furthering our efficiency and fairness in identifying key signals in our sessions.
  • Work with our recruiting partners to source new candidates and grow your team, ensuring every new member has a smooth onboarding and is set up for success.

What you'll bring:

  • A demonstrable ability to communicate clearly and empathetically with folks with varying communication and working styles.
  • A servant leader mindset
  • A passion for mentoring engineers & managers in your org to achieve technical and managerial excellence, grow their skills, and advance their career.
  • Familiarity with modern web application & web service development. We use TypeScript + React on the client and Rails + Go on the server side.
  • An understanding of data and performance considerations for high scale applications, and experience guiding engineers in trade offs with a maintainability mindset.
  • 5+ years management experience supporting a team of software engineers.

Why you should join OneSignal

We started as app developers who just wanted a developer-friendly API for push notifications. Finding no good solution, we built one ourselves.

Today, OneSignal is the leading solution for sending effective messages across channels including mobile push notifications, web push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, and email. We support over 1,400,000 of the world's leading marketers and developers.

OneSignal is available on every platform and development environment, letting content creators focus on quality user engagement instead of complex implementation.

Covid-19's Impact on OneSignal

Covid-19 has accelerated OneSignal's growth. We've seen a 20%+ increase in new accounts created for OneSignal each day, and a 20%+ increase in daily message delivery volume.

We are growing faster than ever, and hiring in all departments. We hope you'll apply and we look forward to meeting you!