Customer messaging via push notifications, email, SMS, & in-app.

Business Operations & Strategy at OneSignal

San Mateo, CA, USA
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

1+ million mobile app developers and marketing teams use OneSignal to send push notifications, in-app messages, and emails. We started as a YCombinator-backed company. Our founders were frustrated with existing push notification tools, so we built our own system. Our customers can design banners, pop-ups, and interstitials without a single line of code.

When you pick up your smartphone, the first thing you will see are push notifications - maybe there’s a breaking news alert, a football game reminder, a promo from your favorite retailer. Whatever it is, chances are the message you are reading was sent using OneSignal. Now we help businesses send over 8 billion push notifications every single day.

In the last year, OneSignal has grown revenue by 500%, added 250,000+ new accounts, and with just ~60 employees. We have raised a total of $34M from investors including SignalFire, Y Combinator, and Rakuten Ventures. OneSignal customers include Volkswagen, Verizon, Burger King, 7 Eleven, Zynga, Virgin Mobile, KFC, and many more. Join us in scaling the business!

High growth companies tend to change as they grow and the role of business operations is to anticipate the growth and to set things up so the company can scale quickly or to fill important gaps in the business as they arise. The role will span many areas and is an individual contributor role.

What you'll do:

  • Take on special strategic projects to incrementally grow our business as well as evaluate and implement strategy around potential growth areas for our business
  • Assist with board slides, management materials, investor materials, and potential acquisitions
  • Track and select business KPIs to analyze how our business is doing and to raise issues and solutions as needed
  • Work on our international expansion strategy including setting up additional offices abroad
  • Evaluate our pricing to optimize adoption and revenue and conducting pricing analysis and assist in developing our pricing strategy
  • Automate and set up processes across the business in particular so that there are organized data flows
  • Ability to query data and build dashboards and conduct analysis for different departments
  • Assist with new technical integrations of software platforms across our the business

Skills and experience:

  • Technically inclined with modeling skills in Excel, ability work with SQL, knowledge of python or R preferred
  • A passion for operations particularly with respect to SaaS businesses is a plus
  • Ability to structure complex problems and drive solutions cross-functionally in sales, marketing, finance, product, and operations
  • Detail oriented and a humble personality that is willing to work on both strategic and tactical projects
  • Experience in business operations, investment banking, venture capital, private equity, consulting, start-ups is a plus but not required

Why you should join OneSignal

We started as app developers who just wanted a developer-friendly API for push notifications. Finding no good solution, we built one ourselves.

Today, OneSignal is the leading solution for sending effective messages across channels including mobile push notifications, web push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, and email. We support over 1,400,000 of the world's leading marketers and developers.

OneSignal is available on every platform and development environment, letting content creators focus on quality user engagement instead of complex implementation.

Covid-19's Impact on OneSignal

Covid-19 has accelerated OneSignal's growth. We've seen a 20%+ increase in new accounts created for OneSignal each day, and a 20%+ increase in daily message delivery volume.

We are growing faster than ever, and hiring in all departments. We hope you'll apply and we look forward to meeting you!