Customer messaging via push notifications, email, SMS, & in-app.

Customer Support Engineer at OneSignal

San Mateo, California
Job Type
1+ years
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About the role

OneSignal is a YCombinator company that supports over 1M developers across our mobile and web push platforms and over 7,500 new developers sign up each week. OneSignal customers include Volkswagen, Verizon, Burger King, 7 Eleven, Zynga, Virgin Mobile, KFC, and many more. Join us in scaling the business! In the last year, Onesignal is growing exponentially with ~70 employees.

We pride ourselves on being the best-in-class customer messaging and SaaS provider for large-scale websites and mobile apps and we continue to make drastic improvements to our service giving us huge advantages over our competition.

Providing a delightful support experience for every customer (either large or small) is a key part of our ongoing success.

We believe support is more than simply answering questions -- it's also a way to better understand the needs of our clients and to find ways to make our service easier to use. The technical nature of the questions we receive and the opportunities to improve OneSignal's dashboard and SDKs make this a role that will give you the opportunity to learn and apply new technologies each day.

What you'll do:

  • Answer technical support questions via email messaging tools and chat
  • Help customers set up the OneSignal mobile SDK including for Android, iOS, React Native, Ionic, Cordova, Flutter, Xamarin, Unity
  • Work with customers to troubleshoot and debug general and technical issues
  • Test endpoints of the REST API
  • Evaluate crash logs and stack traces to help solve customer issues
  • Collaborate with SDK stakeholders to patch bugs and ship updates
  • Respond to OneSignal Wordpress and Github issues 
  • Maintain OneSignal’s knowledge base and create and maintain technical documentation and video tutorials for new products and features
  • Build and maintain OneSignal’s example code and projects
  • Help with OneSignal demos and customer onboarding
  • Be the voice of our customers, and work closely with OneSignal’s product and engineering teams to share customer feedback and make recommendations to improve the product
  • Help to drive positive reviews on G2 and other review platforms
  • Train customers on product enablement to improve overall customer retention
  • Offer world-class support to both experienced developers and beginners

Skills and experience:

  • Have experience or demonstrable interest in technology and programming
  • ​Enjoy working with customers via video calls, e-mail, and chat
  • Get excited about the opportunity to join a small but fast growing startup company
  • Have patience and integrity working with customers from all over the world (~75% of our customers are international)
  • Strong interpersonal and customer support skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Those with experience from technical bootcamps are welcome to apply
  • Mobile experience or interest with SDKs is a plus

In keeping with our beliefs and goals, no employee or applicant will face discrimination/harassment based on: race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, age, gender, marital domestic partner status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, or veteran status. Above and beyond discrimination/harassment based on 'protected categories,' we also strive to prevent other, subtler forms of inappropriate behavior (e.g., stereotyping) from ever gaining a foothold in our office. Whether blatant or hidden, barriers to success have no place in our workplace.

Why you should join OneSignal

We started as app developers who just wanted a developer-friendly API for push notifications. Finding no good solution, we built one ourselves.

Today, OneSignal is the leading solution for sending effective messages across channels including mobile push notifications, web push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, and email. We support over 1,400,000 of the world's leading marketers and developers.

OneSignal is available on every platform and development environment, letting content creators focus on quality user engagement instead of complex implementation.

Covid-19's Impact on OneSignal

Covid-19 has accelerated OneSignal's growth. We've seen a 20%+ increase in new accounts created for OneSignal each day, and a 20%+ increase in daily message delivery volume.

We are growing faster than ever, and hiring in all departments. We hope you'll apply and we look forward to meeting you!