Multi-country payroll manager for LATAM

VP of Engineering at Ontop

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6+ years
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Jaime Abella
Jaime Abella

About the role

Responsibilities and Duties: -Developing detailed plans for new designs and products -Oversee front-end and back-end development teams and their projects -Monitor reliability and performance of all internal systems to suggest improvements -Ensure compliance with security regulations -Manage software development projects by setting requirements, goals and timelines -Prepare and manage the engineering department’s budget -Design strategies for future development projects based on the company’s overall objectives and resources -Implement innovative technologies -Coordinate with external stakeholders for new integrations and tools -Review and update policies relevant to internal systems and equipment

Skills and qualifications: -Analytical skills for evaluating information carefully and solving complex problems. -Communication skills for overseeing staff and working with other management personnel. They need to be able to effectively communicate instructions while leading the team to meet their goals. -Detail-oriented for understanding complex systems and the ability to pay attention to details, as a minor error can result in major problems. -Math skills, including calculus and other advanced mathematics for developing new processes and products. -Organizational skills for keeping track of various budgets, employees and schedules simultaneously.

Why you should join Ontop

Ontop enables companies to hire and pay talent anywhere in LATAM. We are a remote-first company, where our team is able to work from anywhere as long as they have a stable wifi, a cool attitude and a global citizen mindset.