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Product Engineer, Full Stack

San Francisco
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Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Coleman Oates
Coleman Oates

About the role

At Onward, we're building tools to automate the workday.

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About Onward


All work starts with a conversation. Whether it's a stand-up, sales call, interview, or meeting, conversations are the foundation of every company. They are where ideas are shared, decisions are made, and progress begins.

Today, people spend hours each day transforming these conversations into tangible, actionable artifacts – such as summaries, messages, follow-ups, CRM updates, tickets, and more. When compounded across an entire organization, these redundant tasks, which we call "work-about-work," represent the most significant drain on productivity that a company faces.


Onward is purpose-built to help modern teams turn conversation into action.

Our solution connects the dots between every conversation and the knowledge stored within your company's apps. Within minutes, Onward eliminates "work-about work," keeps knowledge up to date across every system, and helps startups and enterprises save millions of dollars in lost productivity.

Our team comes from incredible companies like Midjourney and Zynga, and we're backed by Y Combinator and world-class investors and operators, including the earliest supporters of Stripe, Rippling, Zapier, Retool, Airtable, and many more.

The Role

What does the role look like?

As a Full-Stack Engineer, you'll oversee the end-to-end development process for new features and products. We are looking for a self-starter engineer who loves building new products in an iterative and fast-moving environment.

We're a small team executing an ambitious roadmap. We invest heavily in our people and are focused on building a strong, revenue-generating business. People who are excited and passionate about working this way should apply.

This role is based in San Francisco, CA. We use a hybrid work model (~3 days in-office) and offer relocation assistance to new employees.

In this role, you will:

  • Thoroughly craft smooth, performant front ends that our users will use daily.

  • Build a deep understanding of our customers, their objectives, and how Onward can solve their problems.

  • Build and maintain responsive web applications within product deadlines.

  • Create and manage integrations with popular platforms like Slack, Notion, Airtable, Salesforce, etc.

  • Add analytics, monitoring, and alerts to our service so that we can better respond to operational incidents.

  • Produce high-quality work consistently, and with sharp attention to detail.

To excel in this role, you should:

  • Have 3+ years of relevant engineering experience at tech and product-driven companies.

  • Be proficient in TypeScript, React, and other web technologies.

  • Be proficient in a backend language (we use Node.js/TypeScript).

  • Have proven experience in fast-growing startup environments, successfully shipping high-quality products and features ("0-1 and 1-5").

  • Have demonstrated the ability to thrive in ambiguous environments with competing priorities and tight deadlines.

  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Enjoy working quickly (in fact, prefer it).

What to Expect

Compensation, Benefits, and Perks

Annual Salary Range: $130,000—$160,000 USD

Your offer will include a competitive salary, employee-friendly equity, and the following:

  • Health, dental, and vision coverage

  • A new MacBook Pro + WFH support

  • Paid coffee and lunch during workdays

  • Regular team events and off-sites

  • Unlimited paid time off (with a minimum!)

What does the hiring process look like?

Many of our interviews are enabled through self-scheduling, but we are always on hand to speak to you or answer questions throughout the process. We respond quickly and will request and share feedback at every stage.

  1. Application (You are here): Our team will review your application to see how your skills and experience align with our needs.

  2. Introductory call (30m): Our goal is to explore your motivations to join our team, learn why you’d be a great fit, and answer questions about us.

  3. Interview (45m): You'll meet the hiring team, who will evaluate the skills needed to be successful in your role. No live coding or design work required.

  4. On-site workday (full day): You'll join a stand-up, meet the team, and work on a task related to your role, offering a realistic view of what it's like working at Onward.

  5. Offer stage: You may want to speak to more of the team, see a demo, or have other suggestions for us. If everyone’s happy, we’ll make you an offer to join us.

Onward is an equal-opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, disability, or any other legally protected status. Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records.

We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities, and requests can be made upon connection with the hiring manager.

About Onward

All work starts with a conversation, whether it's a stand-up, sales call, interview, or meeting. It's through these that ideas are shared, decisions are made, and progress begins. Today, people spend hours each day transforming these conversations into tangible, actionable artifacts such as summaries, messages, follow-ups, CRM updates, tickets, and more.

Onward is designed to help teams turn conversations into action. Our solution connects conversations with the knowledge stored in company apps, saving time on redundant tasks and keeping knowledge up to date. This allows startups and enterprises to save millions of dollars in lost productivity.

Team Size:4
Nikolas Huebecker
Nikolas Huebecker
Coleman Oates
Coleman Oates