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Human Experience Designer at Openline: A Manifesto

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Matt Brown
Matt Brown

About the role

We stand against the constraints of design systems, the monotony of minimalism, and the oppressive nature of outdated technology. We stand for human beings.

We believe that tool is culture, and we craft tools to usher in a new culture of work–with respect, beauty and humanity for all.

We are Openline, a company dedicated to liberating humanity from the chains of enterprise software. We are the creators of customerOS, a platform for reinventing business from the customer experience up. We have recently been rated Europe’s #1 early stage, B2B SaaS/Cloud company.

We seek a Human Experience Designer who shares our vision and is ready to lead us in reinventing the world of design. We want someone who is ready to shatter the status quo and redraw the boundaries of what is possible.

Together we will invent new UI/AI paradigms.

  • Ultra-personalization at scale
  • Design chaos systems
  • Hyper-skeuomorphism
  • Instantaneous interaction
  • Modeless flow
  • Attention-detection
  • Importance awareness
  • Evolving agents
  • Aesthetic emergence…

As the Human Experience Designer at Openline, you will have the mission to change the world of work through design. You will use your creativity, your technical skills, and your nuanced understanding of the latest advancements in AI and technology to empower and uplift people.

You will lead the charge in designing innovative, user-actualizing interfaces that break free from the shackles of conventional software design. You will work with our head of UX, development team, and clients to bring the vision to life, crafting products that embolden people to bring forth their kindness at work.

With the team’s help, you will craft high-fidelity prototypes, using Figma as well as HTML/CSS, and integrating AI-generated artwork elements. You will oversee the evolution of a multitude of design themes and visual vocabularies. You will help craft the specifications for a new operating system for business, including systems to guide the contributions of others in our open-source platform. In other words This job starts with making designs in Figma… but grows into designing the framework of a whole ecosystem.

We are a small, international, distributed team. We deeply need diversity and breadth of perspectives to reach our goals. We’re very opinionated about how we treat each other, and offer good pay, good benefits, and a very flexible lifestyle. We make and expect no compromises on honesty, integrity, and respect. We’re looking forward to the challenge of learning how to change for you, to make this company a place where you’ll feel good to be at your best.

To be considered for this role, please show us, through whatever channel you wish, your:

  • portfolio that showcases your design sensibility and demonstrates your ability to create innovative, intuitive and beautiful user experiences
  • passion for learning and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in design, AI, and technology
  • bold, visionary approach to design and beauty, that is fully informed but not limited by traditional design constraints
  • dedication to user-centered design and to creating products that sharpen the mind and resonate with the heart Design has the power and responsibility to change the world.

We are looking for a visionary Human Experience Designer to join us on this mission and make a large-scale impact.

If you were born to create a better future through design, we want to know you.

Why you should join Openline

Openline is redefining the modern way of working. Openline's customerOS is an open source platform for managing customer data, building deeper relationships, and supercharging the productivity of customer-facing teams.

Team Size:10
Location:London, United Kingdom
Matt Brown
Matt Brown
Vasilica Coscotin
Vasilica Coscotin
Jonty Knox
Jonty Knox