Data infrastructure for web3

Sales Development Representative

$40k - $75k / 0.20%
New York City / Remote
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Kevin Joo
Kevin Joo

About the role

We're a small team of engineers, designers, and data scientists who are obsessed with building scalable products that customers love. We're backed by great organizations like Y Combinator, and know that a few smart, ambitious, and focused people can create outsized impact on the world. We're looking for such people to join us in creating a new way to work with financial data.

Who we're looking for

➣ You are driven, ambitious, and action oriented, and want to establish your career in software sales.

➣ You are excited by the prospect of operating and learning sales technology like Linkedin Sales Navigator, Apollo.io, and Segment.

➣ You are self-sufficient, with the flexibility and adaptability required to make fast adjustments to tactics in real time.

➣ You are familiar with and enjoy communicating with others, regardless of whether it is in-person, or over social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

➣ You are systems oriented and understand the balance between optimizations and constraints in building a repeatable system of outreach.

➣ You have prior experience in retail, food, or other industries that require frequent customer interaction.

What you will be doing:

➣ Create and prioritize target lists of potential customers.

➣ Research and develop accounts with executives and managers, entering details about meetings and follow ups in the CRM.

➣ Present case studies, product demos, and other materials that serve to improve our active and prospective customers understanding of Operator.

➣ Map customer needs with product features and capabilities in real time, whether on the phone or asynchronously.

➣ Achieve monthly goals of customer conversations and conversions.

Nice to have:

➣ Prior experience in a software startup, regardless of position.

➣ Background in English or writing.

➣ Interest in private equity, fintech, and finance in general.

Why you should join Operator

Operator makes it easy to generate reports from customer data sources like Quickbooks Online without writing code.

Team Size:6
Location:New York
Kevin Joo
Kevin Joo
David Shi
David Shi