Data infrastructure for web3

Software Engineer

$90k - $150k / 0.10% - 0.50%
New York City / Remote
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1+ years
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Kevin Joo
Kevin Joo

About the role

We're a small team of engineers, designers, and data scientists who are obsessed with building scalable products that customers love. We're backed by great organizations like Y Combinator, and know that a few smart, ambitious, and focused people can create outsized impact on the world. We're looking for such people to join us in creating a new way to work with financial data.

Who we're looking for

➣ You have 2+ years of experience in writing production-ready Python code that moves volumes of data (ex: pulling transaction data over API).

➣ You understand software engineering design principles and are passionate about building high quality, reliable, elegant software that can scale efficiently with little trouble.

➣ You have experience with databases, cloud infrastructure, and building web app backends

➣ You take ownership of your work and carefully think through and document the code you write before you submit it for review. People should be able to understand your code without asking you, but if they do ask about any part of your code you should have clear and logical answers.

➣ You understand that the customers and users come first, and always think about how the existing app could be improved for them as well as potential new features.

➣ You work alongside all relevant members of the company and external stakeholders, not just engineering, to understand and resolve issues as well as orient yourself in the right direction.

➣ You are constantly trying to improve yourself as a developer (try new concepts/tools, active on dev forums, etc.) and as a product builder (ask a lot of questions, read up on the industry, etc.)

Who we'd be excited by

➣ You have worked in the data industry before and are excited by technologies like ETL/data pipelines, data platforms, business intelligence/data visualization tools.

➣ You have scaled infrastructure to process high volumes of data from other systems very quickly, and have experience working with pipeline/workflow tools (ETL services, DAGs, DBT).

➣ You are passionate about developer experience and have that same level empathy for our users, regardless of their technical skill.

➣ You thrive in fast-paced environments and are able to evaluate several uncertain options logically to come up with the best possible decision at that time.

What you'll be working on

➣ You will work closely with the Product team to ship new features that our customers will use and with the Engineering team to come up with elegant improvements to existing features.

➣ As an early-stage startup, we as a team go through the whole product development lifecycle. You will be a part of brainstorming features, designing prototypes, developing and testing the product, and deploying code into production.

➣ To accomplish our goals, we will need to create services and tools for ourselves. You will work on building packages/libraries, publishing APIs, writing documentation, and internal devtools.

➣ There's a lot of infrastructure that needs to be built and improved over time, so you will be a part of the team that makes strategic, long-term technology and product decisions.

➣ We are a small team and as a result, you'll be one of our first engineers. That means you'll be a part of building our engineering culture and workflows that future engineers will be impacted by.

What tools we use

➣ Languages and frameworks: Node.js, TypeScript , React, Python

➣ Infrastructure: PostgreSQL, AWS

➣ Experience with these tools isn't a requirement, and we are always looking for tools that will make our lives easier and make building software feel delightful. Tell us your favorites!

Why you should join Operator

Operator makes it easy to generate reports from customer data sources like Quickbooks Online without writing code.

Team Size:6
Location:New York
Kevin Joo
Kevin Joo
David Shi
David Shi