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Ophelia is a venture-backed healthcare startup that helps people quit opioids and restore quality of life without going to rehab. We make medical best practices discreet, convenient, and affordable – offering FDA-approved medication, support, and therapy through in-person and telehealth modalities. Our mission is to re-invent the drug rehab industry using evidence-based medicine (MAT/MOUD), technology, and a commitment to patient privacy and choice.

For context: opioid overdose is the #1 cause of death for Americans under 50, but 80% of 3 million Americans with opioid use disorder (OUD) are not getting treatment. Most have jobs, families, and privacy concerns, making it easier to get withdrawal medication from a drug dealer than go to rehab. Meanwhile, 2/3rds of rehabs do not offer medication at all, leading 90% of patients to relapse in the first 3 months. As a result of inadequate access to proven treatment, an American dies of an opioid overdose every 11 minutes.

We are a team of world-renowned doctors, scientists, startup veterans, and White House advisors, backed by leading technology and healthcare investors (Y Combinator, General Catalyst) to re-imagine and re-build addiction treatment in America.

Join us, save lives, and help fix healthcare for those who need it most.

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Zack Gray
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