AI-powered user interviews

Outset offers AI-powered user interviews to conduct qualitative research. Traditional surveys are fast but lack depth while live interviews produce high quality data but are slow and expensive. Outset uses LLMs to lead interviews and synthesize results so researchers get high quality data 100 times faster.

Jobs at Outset

San Francisco, CA, US
$150K - $200K
0.10% - 1.00%
3+ years
Team Size:6
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Garry Tan

Active Founders

Aaron Cannon

Co-founder and CEO of Outset. Aaron was previously the head of product at Untapped and Triplebyte and played senior product roles at Tesla, Pebble, and Monitor Deloitte before that. He started his career as a tour manager for a band called Timeflies.

Aaron Cannon
Aaron Cannon

Michael Hess


Michael Hess
Michael Hess

Company Launches

TL;DR - Outset is launching its biggest upgrade since our initial launch in June. AI-powered video interviews. Now you can get the depth of an interview at the speed and scale of a survey, all with the story-telling power of video.

Problem: Researchers are stuck between two bad options today. Surveys are fast and scalable but don’t get the depth you need. Interviews go deep — particularly over video — but are stuck with a small sample size and are incredibly time-consuming.

Solution: AI-powered interviews give you the best of both so you don’t have to choose. LLMs are incredibly powerful question-askers — with the input of a discussion guide, Outset’s AI interviewer leads deep, probing conversations with hundreds of participants at once, and synthesizes your results. You can test concepts or designs, ask about behaviors, or learn about underlying motivations…all while you sleep.

The addition of video: While the words in an interview can give you answers, they rarely tell the whole story. Video is by far the best way to capture, internalize, and tell the stories of your users or the market you’re going after.

If you’re interested in learning more, hit us up! Check out more at https://outset.ai/video-interviews.

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