Siting and Due Diligence of Green Projects

In the next 30 years, the world will transform every part of the built environment to be climate positive green infrastructure. Knowing what, where, and how to build infrastructure like solar farms is one of the great opportunities of our time. Paces is software for green infrastructure developers to identify the best places to build and manage their projects. Our software supports renewable energy, EV charging, carbon sequestration and data center customers with interconnection, permitting and siting of their projects.

Jobs at Paces

$140K - $200K
3+ years
Team Size:20
Location:New York
Group Partner:Nicolas Dessaigne

Active Founders

James McWalter

I’m the co-founder and CEO of Paces. Originally from Ireland, previously I was the founder of Hale, a personal training marketplace and held senior roles at Google acquired ML startup Hello Vera, B2B marketplace Respondent and fintech giant FactSet.

James McWalter
James McWalter

Charles Bai

Charles is the co-founder and CTO of Paces. His background is in AI and data. In the past, he led AI efficiency at Facebook AI, and built data intensive solutions at various startups. Charles graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Computer Science. He is currently based in New York.

Charles Bai
Charles Bai

Company Launches

The Problem

80% of clean energy projects developers start never actually get built because most projects are started without deep due diligence on zoning and interconnection due to the cost of collecting that data. This means $17B worth of cancelled projects per year.

The Solution

Paces is software for green infrastructure developers to identify the best places to build and manage their projects.

First we collect environmental, permitting, zoning, energy grid data from various different sources; then we analyze the data and use AI to identify the best places for developers to build their next projects.

Our Vision

Our long term vision for Paces is for it to be the go-to software platform to enable the climate positive development of every piece of land on earth. With Paces:

  • Solar developers can find and track all the sites for their projects.
  • EV charging developers can easily get a ranked list of the best nearby sites to deploy their next 20 charging stations
  • Heavy energy users like Data Centers, Direct Air Capture and Hydrogen plants can find locations with excess electricity
  • Financial firms can evaluate the value and risks of green assets around the world

About Us

Paces was founded by Charles and James in early 2022.

  • James is our CEO! He grew up on an organic farm in Ireland and across a 15 year tech career he was employee 1 at an Google acquired AI startup and has millions in career SaaS sales.
  • Charles is our CTO! He grew up in Beijing and completed a CS degree at Cornell. Before Paces, he led AI efficiency at Facebook AI and built metrics to track power/carbon cost of AI models.

Contact Us

If you are building in the physical worlds, such as solar, wind, battery storage, hydrogen, EV charging, real estate and data centers, please reach out to us at team@paces.com!