Software identifying the best places for renewable projects.

Big Data Engineer

$120K - $150K / 0.25% - 1.00%
Brooklyn, NY
Job Type
3+ years
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Charles Bai
Charles Bai

About the role

🌳 About the Role

We’re looking for "a big data expert who builds scalable data solutions and manages infra" to join us as one of our first three engineering hires.

🏆 What You’ll Achieve

  • Define how data flows through the system and build robust ETL solution from ground up
  • Take over infra management and keep our system resilient to spiky traffic
  • Lead technical design of our geophysical data platform
  • Initiate large scale ML modeling and engineering effort
  • Define our engineering culture and best practices
  • Collaborate closely with our CTO and CEO and directly impact product roadmap

About You

You are a strong engineer who moves fast while keeping scalability in mind. You will thrive in our culture if you:

  • Have a strong bias towards action and prioritize execution above else
  • Share our passion to build something that shapes the physical world in a positive way
  • Easily handle the unstructured environment of fast moving startups
  • Have the hunger to grow together with Paces as we scale up

📈 Requirements

  • Fast-learner: you are proactive and able to pick up new things quickly
  • Big data expert: you are comfortable working with lots of data, and experienced with building scalable ETL solutions from scratch
  • Familiar with AWS: you are comfortable managing data and infra at scale using AWS tools, such as EC2, ECS, CDK, EventBridge and RDS

🚀 Bonus Points

  • Previous experience with ML modeling and engineering
  • Previous experience building and deploying on AWS
  • Previous experience at a high-growth, fast-paced startup

If you’re a builder who wants to actively construct a more positive climate future, join us! ✨

About Paces

Paces is software for renewable developers to identify the best places to build their projects.

🛠️ If you’re a builder who wants to actively construct a more climate positive future, join us!

🗺️ We are enabling the climate optimum use for all the world’s land.

🌞 We have paying renewable energy customers and are growing revenue each month.

📢 We raised $1.9M in a pre-seed, led by Resolute Ventures and Y Combinator.

Team Size:5
Location:New York
Charles Bai
Charles Bai
James McWalter
James McWalter