Restoring nature to solve climate change.

Machine Learning Engineer, Baseline

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3+ years
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About the role

The Role: We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer to help build cutting-edge systems for our mission to map and monitor the planet's forests. The Baseline team develops models to evaluate the performance of conservation and reforestation projects and compute the number of carbon credits they should be issued. As a member of the Baseline team, you will research, design, implement, and deploy models to ensure that forest carbon credits represent real emissions reductions.

A typical day includes implementing new machine learning models with remote sensing data, designing experiments to validate their performance, pair coding with other engineers, and discussing results and experiment plans with scientists. The quality of model outputs directly impacts the quality of forest carbon projects. Model validation and uncertainty quantification are core values for our team.

We're looking for engineers who find joy in the craft of building and want to make an impact. Engineers who push forward initiatives by asking great questions, cutting through ambiguity, and organizing to win. Engineers who are relentlessly detail-oriented, methodical in their approach to understanding trade-offs, place the highest emphasis on building, and building quickly.

What You Will Help Us With:

  • Training machine learning models to evaluate the performance of conservation and reforestation projects.
  • Designing statistical frameworks and experiments to assess the quality of these models on real-world data.
  • Optimizing these models to run efficiently on large amounts of geospatial and remote sensing data.
  • Helping to construct tools that enable research and operations to produce high-quality performance metrics for forest carbon projects.
  • Advocate for scientific and engineering best practices applied to our machine learning work.

Why you should join Pachama

Pachama's mission is to restore nature to solve climate change. We are using technologies such as machine learning applied to satellite data to measure and monitor carbon sequestration and deforestation risk on forests worldwide. We then use this data to help originate, certify and commercialize carbon credits to fund reforestation and conservation projects that sequester carbon, enhance biodiversity and support local communities.

Team Size:70
Location:San Francisco
Tomas Aftalion
Tomas Aftalion
Diego Saez Gil
Diego Saez Gil