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Senior Software Engineer – Elixir

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About the role

Padlet is one of the most used software in the world. Elixir is hands down the most beautiful programming language we've ever used.

We are looking for Senior Software Engineers to write and architect beautiful new products in Elixir that improve the quality of life of a billion people.


  • You've written and architected Elixir applications that require scalability, performance, and security.

  • At some point in your life someone has told you — "you write good code".

  • You know how to copy-paste code from Stack Overflow.

  • Bonus: you have a good sense of humor.

About Padlet

  • Vision: Every child in the world will grow up with Mickey Mouse and Padlet.

  • Product : We are making the default way of collecting and sharing thoughts on the Internet. People love the product.

  • Impact : We have over 50 million active users making Padlet one of the most used apps on the planet. Our goal is to be THE the most used app on the planet.

  • Money : We are venture backed AND profitable. We are built to last one hundred years.

  • Badassery : We are 36 people (plus a baby crane that we've adopted but it doesn't really do much). That's over a million active users per employee. Some badass people work here.

Joys of engineering at Padlet

  • We have very few meetings. We value keeping you in flow.

  • A lot of people use Padlet. We have to solve interesting concurrency problems.

  • Our users are in over 200 countries, using all kinds of devices and connections, and speaking over 40 languages. We have to solve interesting internationalization problems.

  • We process a lot of data real fast. We have to solve interesting scale problems.

  • We try to solve problems creatively instead of just throwing money at them. We are engineers! We thrive in constraints, not in the absence of them.

  • We ship often.

  • We value beautiful code.

Sorrows of engineering at Padlet

  • We grew pretty fast last year and our processes are still catching up. E.g. we don't have 100% code coverage yet. Our deployment process isn't as painless as it could be. This sometimes leads to spending time on things that aren't the most fun. We’re working on it!

  • Our project management process could be better. This sometimes leads to re-speccing in the middle of development, getting in the way of programming flow. We’re working on it!

Some people you'd work with

  • Linh Nguyen : At any given point, no one really knows where Linh is. We learn of his existence through pull requests and code reviews. Frontend maestro.

  • Brian Koh : Only human we know who has impulsive urges to exercise. When he does, he doesn't care about outfits. We've seen him running in boots, tight jeans, and leather jackets. Exceptional engineer and even better mentor.


  • Top tier medical, insurance for you and your family.

  • Good stock options.

  • Catered lunches and dinners.

  • 20 vacation days. Plus sickness and bereavement days for when life happens.

  • All the gadgetry you need, including a new phone every year.

Special time to join

Because we're small, there's a lot of energy. And because we have tremendous traction, your first commit touches tens of millions of people. This combination is rare and quite satisfying. 

About Padlet

We are easily bored. It's the one thing that unites humanity in 2020. No one wants to read twenty paragraphs of text, or sit through forty verbose slides. Yet, we keep making them, boring everyone out of their minds.

We are building more beautiful and fun alternatives to traditional documents. They're less of a pain-in-the-ass to create, and a lot less waterboard-y to view.

Checkout a Padlet timeline (, or a Padlet map ( to see what we're talking about.

Over ten million people all over the world use Padlet. Most satisfyingly, for millions of kids, Padlet is their first experience of creating things on the Internet.

People say we are improving education. People say we are making them more creative. People say a lot of things.

Team Size:40
Location:San Francisco
Nitesh Goel
Nitesh Goel