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Customer Support Associate

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About the role

Have a way with the written word? Got a knack for showing off your smile in a phone call? If you're looking to work alongside a team that puts the happiness of the customer at the forefront of every interaction, we'd love to have you aboard! 

At Padlet, we know that great customer support is provided by both people and products. As a group, we've set high standards for how we treat people: whether it's our users, or Larry, our UPS deliveryman. We'll be relying on you to help us meet the standards we've set for ourselves in our interactions with our community. 

We are seeking a highly motivated and resourceful individual who is dedicated to providing world-class support by exceeding expectations through each interaction with the Padlet community. The ideal candidate is a fiercely loyal advocate for our customers, a creative problem-solver, and a collaborative team member. This person is energized by working with people, while still being a strong independent worker. 

You will:

Effectively solve customer inquiries via phone, email

Hold a high bar for Support when owning customer interactions

Identify, document and follow up with engineers on product bugs and features

Advocate for customers by identifying trends in issues and suggesting improvements to processes, policies and products

Recognize errors and draft improvements to content in the external Support Center and internal documentation

Collaborate with members of other teams to root out answers and be a resource to teammates 

You have:

The ability to provide support fluently in English and one other language, Ideally: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian but all languages considered.

Genuine curiosity about people and business, while possessing the ability to inspire passion in others

Experience in direct customer or client-facing roles

Interest in implementing feedback and dedicated to the improvement of your skills and work

Strong organizational, analytical, written and verbal communication skills

Superb attention to detail

The ability to quickly adapt to new situations and think on your feet

Excellent time-management skills

A desire to help people and improve the community experience 


We are building more beautiful and fun alternatives to traditional documents. They're less of a pain-in-the-ass to create, and a lot less waterboard-y to view. Think Microsoft Office, but not as soul crushing. 

Over ten million people use Padlet, making it one of the largest sites in the world. The company is profitable and well-funded. Our office is in the beautiful Presidio of San Francisco where the air is pure and the grass, tender. 

We've gotten this far with just twelve people. Some special people at this company. 


Because we're small, there's a lot of energy. And because we have tremendous traction, your work and insight can go in the hands of millions. This combination is rare and quite satisfying.

About Padlet

We are easily bored. It's the one thing that unites humanity in 2020. No one wants to read twenty paragraphs of text, or sit through forty verbose slides. Yet, we keep making them, boring everyone out of their minds.

We are building more beautiful and fun alternatives to traditional documents. They're less of a pain-in-the-ass to create, and a lot less waterboard-y to view.

Checkout a Padlet timeline (, or a Padlet map ( to see what we're talking about.

Over ten million people all over the world use Padlet. Most satisfyingly, for millions of kids, Padlet is their first experience of creating things on the Internet.

People say we are improving education. People say we are making them more creative. People say a lot of things.

Team Size:40
Location:San Francisco
Nitesh Goel
Nitesh Goel