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3+ years
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Adam Alpert
Adam Alpert

About the role is looking for our founding backend software engineer.

To apply, please use this link

As part of a small, dynamic team, you will have the chance to design and build a backend architecture that can scale from 25k to 500k users and beyond. You will work directly with our CTO to identify, evaluate, and integrate new technologies; and be in the same room as our product team as we execute on our roadmap.

We are looking for someone who is seeking the challenge and excitement of a fast-paced startup environment, is deeply pragmatic, and desires to set the stage for the next phase of our growth.

Areas you'd be in charge of:

Make important architectural decisions and lead our backend development as our team, customers, and product grow.

Backend: Optimize and expand a database and api that scales, expand our usage of 3rd party APIs (Stripe, HubSpot, Sendgrid), identify and integrate new tools/frameworks when needed.

DevOps: Improve and Develop CI/CD process and observability, develop a robust QA/Testing process, lead GCP -> AWS migration

You might be a fit if you have:

  • 3+ years of software development experience
  • Proficiency in AWS, Kubernetes, NodeJS, Database architecture, Microservices
  • Experience in continuous deployment/integration, site reliability
  • Worked across a codebase at a similar or later stage company
  • Passion to join an energetic, close-knit, growing team

Bonus Points:

  • Have a passion for education and/or freelancing
  • Have front-end web or mobile development experience (and might interested in full-stack)
  • Exposure to standard InfoSec practices
  • Experience with GCP and MongoDB


Our frontend is written in React and React Native w/ Redux.

Our backend tech stack includes GCP (Migrating to AWS), Kubernetes (GKE),

RethinkDB (JSON document database), ElasticSearch, NodeJS,

Engineering problems we're solving:

Building out a more scalable deployment/QA pipeline, migrating cloud providers to AWS, migrating databases from RethinkDB to MongoDB, identifying and addressing site reliability issues.

Why us?

  • Help fix a broken system by proving there is an alternative to exclusionary unpaid internships. We believe that everyone should have a chance to let their talents grow, not just those who can afford to spend semesters without earning a living wage.
  • Leave your mark on a growing company, named a Top Tech Startup in Providence two years in a row. We're small enough to fit everyone's face on a Zoom call, but we're tackling an issue for millions of students across the country.
  • Work in a multidisciplinary environment alongside extremely talented engineers, UI/UX designers, creatives, and salespeople; solving exciting problems.

To apply, please use this link

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Our mission is to create a community where students have equal access to opportunity and feel valued for their work.

By 2030, most of the US workforce will freelance. We enable students at the beginning of their work-life to start and grow their own freelance businesses while still in school

In the past 12 months, we've expanded to 600 colleges, helped students earn more than $350,000, and gotten accepted into Y Combinator.

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