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Adam Alpert
Adam Alpert

About the role

As a YC W21 startup, we're super excited to work with students interested in the YC community.

We're looking to meet as many college students and recent grads looking for internships/freelance positions at startups as we can :)

We have several programs that we're looking for folks in college (particularly those interested in marketing)

The first is our Top Emerging Talent program.

The second is our Community.

And the third is our Freelance platform.

A bit more about us: Founded by two Brown grads, we've built the largest college freelance platform and community. We've raised $3mm and have a full-time team based mostly in Rhode Island (including grads from Wharton, Bryant, JWU, and RISD). We're now live at more than 1,500 campuses :)

Why you should join

Our mission is to create a community where students have equal access to opportunity and feel valued for their work.

By 2030, most of the US workforce will freelance. We enable students at the beginning of their work-life to start and grow their own freelance businesses while still in school

In the past 12 months, we've expanded to 600 colleges, helped students earn more than $350,000, and gotten accepted into Y Combinator.

We're building a network that empowers college talent to hone their skills without having to take on unpaid work, creating a platform they will use even after they graduate.