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Byron Hsu
Byron Hsu
President, CTO

About the role

Paragon One's mission is to bridge the divide between education and the workforce. We are doing this with the Remote Externship is the first fully-managed internship alternative enabling companies to scale diversity, education, and impact. Facebook, Hewlett-Packard, Zillow, investment firms, and other companies are among the early adopters of our platform and have helped drive 400% YoY growth. Paragon One was founded by a team out of MIT, is remote-first with offices in NYC & Beijing, and backed by YCombinator, Foundation Capital, University Ventures, Learn Capital, and Jason Calacanis.

We are looking for a full-time back-end engineer to accelerate the transformation of how students build skills and get work experience. You’ll be a true partner with the CTO in shaping our technical strategy. You should love solving problems and shipping products. This is NOT a place to try out that new exotic framework or over-engineer a complicated solution for a simple problem. As a small team, we require practical, reliable solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of our product and business. You will have the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility, shape the product, plan system architecture, and see the impact of your work every day.

Responsibilities: ***Collaborate with the CTO on product specs, system architecture, and technical strategy ***Build and document back-end REST API endpoints ***Integrate API endpoints with low-code front-end tools while rapidly testing product features ***Collaborate with front-end engineers ***Build and maintain technical integrations for both external and internal users ***Maintain system reliability (AWS devops) ***Manage relational data architecture ***Ensure that the product vision is realized through excellence in execution

Requirements: ***Node.js back-end (advanced) ***MySQL + Postgres databases with complex queries (advanced) ***AWS devops (intermediate) ***Front-end Javascript, HTML, CSS (basic) ***Low-code & automation tools (willing to learn) ***Serverless architecture (willing to learn) ***Data pipelines and transformations, DBT (willing to learn)

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Paragon One makes it easy for students to build professional experience with Remote Externships -- industry relevant projects that scale between companies and students. Paragon One’s platform saves companies time and money while helping them increase brand engagement and achieve DE&I targets. Unlike traditional recruiting or workforce platforms, Paragon One is turnkey – we do the heavy lifting of engaging more student talent at the top of the funnel so companies can focus on building. In 2021, Paragon One is reaching thousands of students and hosting remote externships for Facebook, PwC, Pfizer, National Geographic, HP, Snapchat, Cloudflare, and The Nature Conservancy.

Paragon One is backed by Y Combinator, Foundation Capital, Learn Capital, and University Ventures.

Paragon One
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Location:New York
Byron Hsu
Byron Hsu
President, CTO
Matt Wilkerson
Matt Wilkerson