Pardes Biosciences

Pardes Biosciences

We break viruses

We make oral drugs to treat and prevent viral infections - like COVID-19.

Pardes Biosciences
Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Uri Lopatin, CEO

Co-founder and the Chief Medical Officer of Assembly Pharma (2012) and CMO/VP R&D for Assembly Biosciences (f\k\a Ventrus Bioscience), which reverse merged with Assembly Pharma in 2014. He helped ASMB raise > $300M to move 2 generations of novel HBV meds into Ph 1 and Ph 2 clinical studies. Uri has held roles at Schering Plough, Roche, and Gilead Science, and received medical training at UMDNJ, NYU and the NIH. Uri was a visiting partner at YC before he started Pardes to cure COVID-19