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Founding Team Product Engineer at Partnered

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3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Adam Michalski
Adam Michalski

About the role

👋 Hey!

I'm Tim — along with my co-founder Adam, we're building Partnered, a Y Combinator backed B2B SaaS company. Both of us left "startups" with over 500+ employees to get closer to the source of what makes startups magical. That means we ship fast, stay close to the customer, and everyone plays an important part in the success of the company.

Today, we're changing how teams at some of your favorite SaaS companies get customer introductions. We're building what they wish LinkedIn could do.

We’re hiring a founding team product engineer to work across the stack and help us "make something people want". It’s a critical role for someone with a history of taking on responsibility and building great products. We have a big vision to bring to life. It all starts with the strong foundation of a team that executes relentlessly.

In this role, you will:

  • Design and build new features of all sizes in entirety. As a product driven organization, each person takes on defining, planning, and executing features on our roadmap.
  • Ship incremental improvements and tackle projects with a sense of urgency.
  • Know the vision and customer well and use it to help shape your decisions.
  • Work together to figure out what's working and what isn't. You will make the platform continuously better for our users while pushing the vision onward and upward.

We love to work with builders and hackers that generally impress us. Past results shipping impressive software is our leading indicator.

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • 4+ years of software engineering experience and a consistent record of shipping high-quality features.
  • Experience building applications using React and ideally Python/Django.
  • Desire to jump into an early venture.
  • Can-do attitude -- every problem has a solution.

We're a good fit if:

  • You want to get in early on an ambitious venture where our persistence and tenacity will bring to life great things.
  • You've gotten a taste of the excitement in larger startups and want to get closer to the source. Help define our values, culture, and how we optimize for greatness.
  • You’re ready to take on responsibility and reap the rewards of doing so.

Together, we're building the high output team that we all want to be on. We're looking for people who share our values and add to our culture.

Benefits + Perks:

  • Fully remote team, mainly based around NYC.
  • Daily lunch allowance.
  • Enjoy socially distanced outings in Beacon, NY ⛰️ and NYC 🏙️.
  • Medical, dental, and vision.
  • Competitive pay + equity.

If this sounds like a fit for you, let's talk!

Why you should join Partnered

At Partnered, we help your favorite B2B SaaS companies share customer introductions with one another.

Imagine trying to sell to a company, and it turns out one of your company's partners has already closed a deal there. You would want to talk to that person and get the cheat-sheet for how to win, right?

Let's say you're having trouble finding the right person to talk to at a company you want to sell to. What if you knew someone in your network had a direct connection and you could ask them for an intro?

Partnered creates a secure, private connection between companies. We help them harness the power of their network.

We're on a mission to eliminate cold outreach -- join us!