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Manager, Commercial Sales

San Francisco, California
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3+ years
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About the role

About Pave

At Pave, we believe the world of compensation is broken, and we’re going to fix it. Today, teams cobble together hundreds of messy spreadsheets and outdated surveys to determine how to compensate their employees. At best, they’re leveraging stale data from an industry that is quickly evolving past it. Add COVID, a new remote and distributed workforce, and you have an even blurrier picture of what “market compensation” is, how it’s evolving, and how to communicate it to employees.

That’s where we come in. Pave allows companies to benchmark compensation to leaders in their industry, analyze internal compensation data and make the right adjustments, then visually communicate compensation to their employees.  We’re building the world’s largest real-time compensation data platform on the path to help employers and employees navigate the murky world of compensation with clarity, equity, and accessibility. And you don’t have to just hear it from us — you can hear it from our customers: AllbirdsHover, Shopify, Discord and more.

Our Team

There are a few sales teams in the world that are known to be truly world class. Our team is far from perfect. But we’re in constant pursuit of the goal to be in this “Hall of Fame” by:

  • Hiring truly amazing people.

  • Creating an environment where reps are elevated to master their craft.

  • Selling in a way that doesn’t feel like selling.

The Pave go-to-market team is on track to far exceed revenue targets. And the sales team’s role in making Pave a category-defining company will be truly mission critical.

I hope you join us for the ride and teach us something new.


Armand, Head of Sales


Your Primary Focus 

As one of Pave’s first sales managers, you’ll report directly into the Head of Sales. This is far from a traditional sales manager role - you’ll help build the sales organization from the ground-up. 

Your first 90 days will involve:

  • Mastering our product

  • Developing trust with your team of 6-8 SMB and Mid-Market reps

  • Blocking and tackling with your team on pipeline reviews, forecasting, and 1:1s

But as you ramp, the expectation is that you help build the organization from the ground-up:

  • Help build a world class training and development program to elevate all team members

  • Work closely with product to ensure we solve the right compensation problems

  • Hire amazing talent and create a high energy, team-first sales culture

This first manager hire will play a critical role in setting up Pave to be known as a renowned sales organization for many years to come.


About You 

You’ll bring the following qualifications to the table:

  • 2+ years of Sales Management experience (top performing ICs with less experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis)

  • Experience selling or managing reps in a Mid-Market sales cycle with solid 5-6 figure contracts and 1-2 quarter deal cycles

  • Top 1% EQ and ability to break down challenging sales concepts into actionable sales tactics for reps.

The following criteria are nice-to-haves:

  • Experience in HR Tech or FinTech
  • Experience in growth stage SaaS


Pave’s OTE  for this position ranges between $235,000 - $250,000 USD per year. This salary range may include multiple levels. Your level is based on our assessment of your interview performance and experience, which you can always ask the hiring manager about to understand in more detail. Salary is just one component of Pave's total compensation package for employees. Your total rewards package at Pave will include equity, top-notch medical, dental and vision coverage, commuter benefits, catered lunch, an unlimited PTO policy, and many other region-specific benefits.

Our Compensation Philosophy

Pave’s compensation philosophy is to target the 75th percentile of the market for both cash and equity. This means that the “mid point” of every band at Pave is the 75th percentile of the broader market.

Pave also has a merit-based philosophy when it comes to compensation increases. We run a performance cycle twice per year to evaluate employees’ performance. Higher than average performance ratings result in compensation increases to the upper end of the individual’s compensation range for their role. The result is that high performers at Pave are paid above the 75th percentile of the market at large.

Pave is committed to pay equity. If you get an offer from Pave, it will be based on your level as determined by your interview performance. And nothing else. We explicitly do not negotiate salary and equity to ensure that we aren’t introducing bias that could lead to pay inequities within the team between candidates who have different negotiation tactics.

Our Mission

🎉 Make compensation open, transparent, and fair.

Our Values

💡Be Intellectually Honest

☀️ Be Transparent

🔥 Bring Your Fire

Focus On Impact

🤗 Hug Of Jawn

💪 Stretch The Rubber Band


Life at Pave

Pave is growing incredibly fast, and we have high ambition. We've complemented our ambitious goals with a world-class culture and a variety of amazing benefits. Some of these include:

Compensation: Competitive salary and startup equity for full-time employees

Wellness: Top tier health insurance along for full-time employees

Food: All meals while working, plus snacks. We take our snacking seriously

Commute: Commuter pre-tax benefit accounts + employer contribution for full-time employees

Tech: Choose your laptop and accessories of choice

Team: Retreats, happy hours, and events for our team, friends, and family

Flexible Time Off: Take the time you need - we encourage our team to unplug with unlimited PTO

WFH Wednesday: A dedicated work from home day each week + additional flexibility by team!

Location: Our company HQ is in San Francisco's FiDi with a high energy in-person culture. We also have a hub in NYC!

Pave is committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or another legally protected status. For individuals with disabilities who would like to request accommodation, please email [recruiting at pave]


A final note — we highly encourage you to apply for this role, even if you don’t feel entirely qualified, or entirely sure. You never know!




Why you should join Pave

** What's the problem? **

  • Do you know how your compensation is decided?
  • How do your employers know the market rate?
  • How is your financial success tied to the company's financial success?

** Who are we: **

Pave is a compensation hub that provides real-time benchmarking data and tools to help companies guide their compensation plans. Companies integrate their HR systems and unlock Pave’s real-time data and suite of intelligent software tools. We communicate the company's compensation policy to their employees, and explain how they grow as the company grows.

** What we do: **

At Pave, you will reinvent the world of compensation and help build a more transparent future. Pave allows companies to benchmark compensation to leaders in their industry, analyze internal compensation data. We launched in March of 2020, and in 2022 now proudly serve over 5,700 customers (and growing!). This makes Pave the largest compensation provider in the world for private technology companies.

** Press **

Read all about us!

Team Size:150
Location:San Francisco
Matt Schulman
Matt Schulman