A mobile app. It allows employees to get paid their salary on-demand.

VP of Engineering at Payflow

$70k - $120k / 0.00% - 1.00%
Barcelona, Spain / Remote
Job Type
6+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Benoit Menardo
Benoit Menardo

About the role

HIRING VP of Engineering

🤔 Short Description: run our Engineering team and help us grow into a successful scale-up across multiple geographies

🗣 Language Requirements: fluent English is a must and fluent Spanish is a plus

📌 Location: Ideally Barcelona (Spain), but Madrid (Spain) is a possibility What makes Payflow (YC S21) unique?

The 21st century is the start of the on-demand revolution. Booking an Uber takes 2 seconds from your phone. Ordering a Glovo takes 5 seconds. Starting your favorite series takes an instant on your TV. And now, accessing your salary can be the same.

Payflow’s mission is simple - we aim to bring financial wellbeing to everybody through financial education and access to fair and socially responsible financial products - offering employees the revolutionary social benefit that allows them to access their earned wages instantly, instead of waiting until payday.

Is it challenging? Hell yeah! 🎯 Are we ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen? Yes, to the moon and beyond 🚀 Want to be part of this amazing team? Join us! 😊

OK, but what does it mean to be a VP of Engineering?

Our VP of Engineering will be entirely responsible for the work of our Engineering team. Our product may seem simple at first glance, but there are serious complexities on the backend. We need a superstar with great fintech knowledge to help take our product to the next level. You will report to and be mentored directly by one of our co-founders (MIT, INSEAD, ex-Bain, ex-Rocket Internet), you will manage our team of 6-8 people (Seed-stage Tech team) and you will grow this team to 15-20 people (Series B-stage Tech team) and beyond. You will lead both the local and international Tech teams.

More specifically, some of the key tasks are:

Create and execute strategic plans, identify the exact resources needed to put the plan into action and oversee the entire processes from start to finish Decide on the priorities to meet our strategic goals and own our Roadmap, including the development of KPIs and tracking them Work well with people. You will be responsible for hiring and managing a team of Engineers. This includes attracting top talent and using your network. Additionally, you’ll be coaching the Engineering team to complete projects effectively. This also means you’ll need to identify the key skills and capabilities the development team needs. You will be able to clearly articulate what profiles we need to recruit, including budget considerations. You will oversee Payflow’s hardware and server infrastructure and manage the internal technologies we choose to adopt and implement Track performance of different team members and use this data to maintain the productivity of the team high. You should work closely with the Engineers to understand what they do well and where they need to improve. You’ll need to reward your team when they perform exceptionally and we would expect you to know how to reward them Translate the overarching vision of the founder’s products strategy into a technical strategy that will make that overarching vision a reality. This technical strategy must include clear goals, obstacles and risk analyses. In order to do this, you’ll need both profound technical skills and a thorough understanding of our business Communicate well and be able to negotiate with any party that has an interest in the development process: the co-founders, investors, external providers, our Talent department, our Sales department, etc. Filter external providers, select external providers and manage the relationships with external providers (e.g. BaaS providers), including decisions relating to budgets and pricing Be the face of the technical part of Payflow. You’ll need to inspire trust in the product we are building. Potential investors will scrutinize the leadership of Payflow, and you’ll need to be prepared to defend your technical vision in front of Venture Capital firms (e.g. technical due diligence). Representing Payflow as a VP-level executive extends to engaging in speaking opportunities, conferences and showcasing our company’s work In short, the VP of Engineering hire is probably the most important one for Payflow’s future.

What do we offer?

Very competitive compensation package (fixed + variable + equity) Direct report to one of our co-founders Lead the Engineering department of a start-up in hypergrowth Be part of one of first 5 start-ups in Spain to be part of Silicon Valley’s Y-Combinator and benefit from being part of the YC community Work in-person in one of our lovely office Employee benefits (e.g. retribución flexible, and of course Payflow 😊)

Sounds cool! What are we looking for?

More than everything else, we are looking for someone excited to join us and excited to lead a critical part of the team to reach our challenging objectives. We are working hard to reach our goals, and we expect you to do the same!

This is a description of our ‘ideal candidate’:

6-10+ years of experience is a must Ability to work with our tech stack (Ionic framework, node.js for backend, AWS and MySQL) is a must Ability to think in a customer-centric manner is a must Experience managing teams of 15+ engineers is highly desirable Experience working in a very fast-paced tech environment, such as fast-growth scale-ups (e.g. Glovo, Jobandtalent, BNext) or start-ups is highly desirable Experience in successfully scaling a start-up from MVP to exit is a strong plus Willingness to get your hands dirty, especially in the initial phases is a plus Experience in fintech, HRtech or working with ERP integrations is a plus Experience managing Product and Engineering teams in parallel is a plus Experience in growing a team of engineers is a plus

Any other tips before the interviews? This job will be a VP-level leadership role. We are in hypergrowth mode so the job will be very demanding. Make sure you are ambitious if you apply and be prepared for a testing interview process!

The process we use is the following:

Round 0: 30 min – Benoit (Cofounder) - Intro chat where you will be able to ask all your questions about Payflow, and where we will know more about your past experience building a performing engineering team. Round 1: 45 min - Ben (Tech lead) - We want to hear how do you do tech and test your hard skills (not a coding interview but we will test your tech skills). You will also have the opportunity to know how do we do tech at Payflow. Round 2: 30min - Avinash (Cofounder). We will discuss topics such as how you turn a vision into a technical strategy, how you go about recruiting Tech talent and technical concepts. We will allow you to ask questions about how we structure our Tech team and we’ll brainstorm collectively to see what suggestions you have to improve (e.g. ladder, compensation, OKRs, etc.). We will also test how you communicate and negotiate. Round 3: 30 mins - Alexander (CTO at Rocket Internet) - Technical interview with the CTO at one of our main investors. You will be tested on your previous experience and on your understanding of technical concepts. Round 4: 45 mins – Cofounders and Lead investor - Cultural fit and anything else that we felt we left out in previous interviews. You will also meet our lead investor as you are about to become one of the most senior team member of Payflow.

Want some TIPS for your interview? We really like winning! And we want you to be the same! That’s why our core values spell TIPS. Sounds weird? Here what they stand for:

Try: Say ‘yes’ before ‘no’ ✅ Improve: Never settle 🚀 Push: Work hard, but smart 🤓 Smile: Good vibes only 😊 We are building a company based on these values, and we want you to embrace them!

Other details Contract type: Full-time contract in Spain Location: Madrid or Barcelona (Spain) Start date: November or December 2021

Why you should join Payflow

Payflow is a mobile app. It allows employees to get paid whenever they want, instead of just once a month. We sell it to companies as an employee perk, in exchange for a SaaS fee. Our HQ are in Madrid and Barcelona, but we are opening offices across Latam imminently. We are generally looking for talent in Product, Tech, Sales and Ops but we occasionally have some other roles open. We only want to work with the best, so you should expect a testing interview process if you apply!