Imperfect produce delivered from farm to table in LatAm

Head of Tech 💻

Mexico / Remote
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6+ years
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Jan Heinvirta
Jan Heinvirta

About the role

We are a Mexican startup that is changing the food system in LATAM with the goal of reducing food waste in the region. We are growing and we would like you to be part of this new stage as the leader of our current tech team to improve the product. As the Head of Tech at Perfekto, you will help the company to offer a better user experience and improve the overall technological process.

Community Impact

We are experiencing important growth at Perfekto. We are interested in making a positive impact in our community. We are constantly searching for someone to be part of early culture building. We look for early team members to contribute with fresh ideas to improve together.

What are we looking for

To be successful in this role, you need:


  • Proven experience as manager of a team of engineers and/or product teams
  • Team-player mentality
  • Comfortable learning new technologies
  • Hands-on attitude
  • Comfortable working at fast-paced & high-uncertainty environments
  • Great communication & prioritization skills


  • 6+ years of experience with proven front-end and back-end development
  • General knowledge of Design and Architecture of web-based applications
  • Building API services and microservices
  • Experience working with ORM software and tools
  • Working with third-party services, automation and analytics
  • Programming languages: Ruby/Python/Node.js
  • Frameworks: Rails /Django NestJS
  • Databases: Postgresql/Mysql
  • Experience developing web applications
  • Development based on tests (TDD)
  • Advanced knowledge of Heroku & AWS
  • Clean Architecture & Clean Code principles


Some nice-to-have qualities that will further help you:

  • Experience in startups, especially in the e-commerce field
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, and or related
  • Frontend experiences leveraging some of the following technologies and frameworks: React and Next.js
  • General knowledge of Typescript and Prisma.
  • Experience with E-Commerce solutions (products, OMS, deliveries, tracking, etc.)

Our culture and values

We are a small but fast-growing passionate team that loves sharing ideas, helping each other and learning together. Every voice matters, let us know your ideas and let’s tackle them together. We are still building our culture and we would like you to help us shape it as we grow.

No Waste.

We avoid waste at all costs. Our fight against waste is not just limited to food. Being #nowaste means not wasting the valuable resources we have such as time, trust, money and others.

Perfekto with K.

We do not believe in standards that limit diversity or creativity. We create equal opportunities and celebrate diversity every day. To change the world, you have to take risks and do things differently.

Perfekto is written with K, because perfection does not exist.

Purpose in Motion.

Dreaming is not enough to change the world. We have to lead by example instead of waiting for someone else. That is why we take action and responsibility in our day-to-day with our purpose as the main motivator.

Community First.

Real change is not achieved individually. We need a strong community to create a better future that is a win-win for everyone. That is why we open new opportunities for our suppliers and offer the best possible experience to our customers, inspiring confidence and facilitating the change of habits.

Perfekt Benefits

  • Working in a creative, challenging, and fun culture
  • Limitless professional development at a Y Combinator-backed, high-growth startup
  • Equity compensation
  • 24 vacation days per year - that we actually encourage you to take!
  • Access to an online well-being and therapy platform
  • Laptop and welcome budget for home-office equipment
  • Flexible workplace
  • Fully contracted with full legal benefits
  • Perfekto boxes at a preferential price


Why you should join Perfekto

Want to solve burning problems, work at a fast-growing startup and ensure your work helps the greater good? 💚 We are looking for tech talent - but not just any tech talent. At Perfekto we want the ones who don't fit the norm. The ones who are Perfekto with 'k' not with 'c' - because we all know imperfection makes true perfection. The ones with an ambition to use tech for good and solve pressing issues like our broken food system. 🌟

More than 1/3 of all food is wasted. That's 1.3 billion tons of food per year - a number set to increase more than double by 2050, while also food demand will increase with our growing population. The carbon footprint of food waste is greater than that of the airline industry.

At Perfekto, we want to help reduce food waste and create a sustainable food system in Latin America. We are changing how people do groceries offering a grocery subscription box consisting of food items that would otherwise be wasted for not 'fitting' industry standards (cosmetic imperfections, short shelf-life, or other inefficiencies).

Team Size:23
Location:Mexico City, Mexico
Jan Heinvirta
Jan Heinvirta
Anahí Sosa
Anahí Sosa